Ted Bundy Was Given Away As A Mass Murderer By These Three Things, Expert Says

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Ted Bundy Was Given Away As A Mass Murderer By These Three Things, Expert SaysState Archives of Florida, Florida Memory/Netflix

A body language expert has claimed Ted Bundy did three things during interviews that gave him away as a mass murderer.  

Bundy is widely regarded as America’s most prolific serial killer, having confessed to killing 36 young women across the United States, though being thought to have murdered many more.

The killer was executed for his crimes in 1989, but experts in body language, speech and forensic psychology have now revisited an interview conducted with Bundy in 1977, at a time when he was only convicted of kidnapping and was awaiting his trial for murder.

See a clip of the experts’ comments below:


Bundy confidently told the interviewer he expected to be cleared of his charges, but in a new true crime documentary titled Ted Bundy: A Faking It Special, expert Cliff Lansley highlights three micro-gestures that contradict Bundy’s claims of innocence.

The first sign comes when Bundy closes his eyes while talking, which Lansley says allows him to ‘distance’ himself from the words he is using and perhaps therefore get them out more convincingly.

The second indicator comes in the form of a one-sided shoulder shrug, as Lansley explains: ‘This is a partial expression – leakage – of the full expression of ‘I have no idea what I’m talking about’.’

Ted Bundy (PA Images)PA Images

The third sign, which Lansley believes ‘nails’ Bundy as a killer, comes as a ‘little head shake ‘no’.’

He says:

When you’re saying something affirmative, but your body is leaking something in the negative, you can trust the body. Because most of these body signals are below consciousness.

Lansley expresses belief that Bundy’s own high self-awareness proves detrimental, suggesting that whenever he unconsciously makes one of these ‘slips’, it may be an indicator that Bundy is ‘not convincing’.

Describing the interview footage, he continues: ‘What gives us a clue is a few seconds further on we get this stare right down the camera lens. I think he knows he’s slipped up; this camera check is a semi-conscious check-in of his audience to see if he’s getting away with it.’

Ted Bundy (discovery+)discovery+

Other incriminating elements of the interview come when Bundy laughs off the question of whether or not he is guilty, with Lansley noting this move gives him time to think and presents him as charming, as well as rapid blinking and licking of the lips, which indicate that he was ‘thinking hard’ and ‘experiencing emotional load’.

Despite presenting himself as relaxed, Lansley says, Bundy’s body language suggests he is actually under immense stress.

Needless to say, Bundy was ultimately found guilty of murder and was handed three death sentences for his crimes.

Ted Bundy: A Faking It Special is available to stream exclusively on discovery+ from June 26. 

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