Steve-O Bursts Eardrum After Being Shot With Dog Poo

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Steve-O Bursts Eardrum After Being Shot With Dog PooPA/Steve-O/Twitter

Jackass and Wildboyz star Steve-O burst a hole in his eardrum after getting shot in the face with dog poo.

Jackass Forever was recently announced as the official title of the fourth film in the franchise, with the boys reuniting with fresh blood for brand-new stunts, gross-out antics and mischief.


Steve-O has been sharing tiny insights around the production of the film for months, while also chasing his own goals – like making a Sasquatch suit entirely from pubic hair. In a new clip, he sustains an injury after doing something really ‘stupid’.

Steve-O burst his eardrum in the stunt. (PA Images)Steve-O/Twitter

The video shows the Jackass star counting down, before his face is caked in projectile dog poo. It’s unclear what type of gun they used for the stunt, but the poo hits Steve-O’s face with a strong amount of power.

As others around him react, he’s clearly in pain. The clip then cuts to Steve-O visiting a doctor, who picks out all the little bits of faeces from his ear before taking a closer look inside, where he finds a hole in his eardrum. ‘What you did was a stupid thing,’ the doctor tells him.



It’s unclear whether the stunt is part of Jackass Forever or if it’s just one of Steve-O’s clips for his social media channels.

In an interview with GQ ahead of the new movie, Steve-O said he was concerned over ‘one stupid f*cking accident’ erasing the legacy of Jackass, turning it ‘all into a negative… but we went ahead and f*cking did it.’

Jackass Forever hits cinemas on October 22, with the first trailer due next week, July 20. 


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