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Sylvester Stallone finally crowns Arnold Schwarzenegger as the superior action star
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Sylvester Stallone finally crowns Arnold Schwarzenegger as the superior action star

Now that these two aren’t competing for box office numbers yearly, Stallone insists there’s no bad blood anymore.

Sylvester Stallone has crowned Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ‘superior’ action star.

Gather round children, as before Selena and Hailey's alleged feud, these two actors had a burning rivalry.

While Schwarzenegger starred in Terminator, Commando and Predator, Stallone was making a name for himself thanks to Rocky and Rambo during the '80s.

But, now that these two aren’t competing for crunching box office numbers every year, Stallone insists there’s no bad blood anymore.

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In fact, during an interview with IndieWire, the Expendables actor even crowned the Austrian as the ‘superior’ action flick star.

Stallone said once the '80s came around, they had finally replaced chasing cars with humans in the genre in which Schwarzenegger thrived.

“You actually relied upon your body to tell the story,” Stallone said while marveling over Schwarzenegger’s physical approach to filmmaking.

“Dialogue was not necessary. I saw that there was an opportunity because no one else was doing this except some other guy from Austria, who doesn’t need to say much… He was superior.

"He just had all the answers. He had the body. He had the strength. That was his character.”

Stallone described Schwarzenegger’s impressive physique allowed him to sustain injuries and keep shooting while other actors had to bow out gracefully.

Todd Williamson/Invision/AP/Alamy

“I had to get my a** kicked constantly, whereas Arnold, he never got hurt much,” he said.

“And I’m going, ‘Arnold, you could go out and fight a dragon and you’d come back with a Band-Aid'.”

However, Schwarzenegger wasn’t getting away with all the praise, as the former Governor of California admitted that each time Stallone made another blockbuster, he always had to figure out how to ‘outdo it’.

“Without Stallone, I maybe wouldn’t have been as motivated in the ’80s to do the kind of movies that I did and to work as hard as I did. I’m a competitive person,” he told the outlet.

In an interview with Forbes, Schwarzenegger said that while their rivalry manifested off-screen, they made amends by the time the '90s rolled around.

"[I] remember that Sly [Stallone] had a lot of respect for me and my movies and so did I for his performances and his talent and his movies," he said.

“But, he just saw me as the enemy just in his own little vision and I saw him as the enemy and I had to get rid of him and he had to get rid of me and that was it. Then in the '90s, we came together and said this is silly, let’s just all work together and we became really good friends.”

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