Squid Game: Man Explains How To Cross The Glass Bridge Without Being Eliminated

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

Squid Game: Man Explains How To Cross The Glass Bridge Without Being EliminatedNetflix

It’s been nearly three weeks since Squid Game first premiered on Netflix and its popularity is only getting bigger, with fans still reeling from watching the gory renditions of classic Korean childhood games play out. 

But one that stood out for many was the fifth and penultimate ‘Glass Bridge’ game, which several fans have likened to a twisted version of hopscotch.

Suspended several hundred feet in the air, in order to win, players must cross from one side of the bridge to the other – the only catch being that not all of the glass panels on each side of the bridge are tempered glass; some are regular glass that instantly shatters under the weight of the player, thus plummeting them to death.

Squid Game glass bridge (Netflix)Netflix

It’s nail-biting to watch, especially since it appears to be a game of pure luck, rather than skill. Although one guy thinks he’s found a way to cheat the system and cross the bridge without getting eliminated – and it’s actually really simple.

In a video originally uploaded to Instagram but later shared to Twitter, @ph1boyyy talks his followers through his method using a diagram of the bridge.

Squid Game glass bridge (Netflix)Netflix

@ph1boyyy starts off by explaining players should jump onto the bridge by spreading their weight over two panels, rather than one, with one leg on the right panel, one on the left. ‘A person’s body weight will be divided into two sides. Normal glass or tempered glass, the glass won’t break’, he explains.

Acknowledging that some people have shorter legs than others, @ph1boyyy talks us through an alternative version of the technique. ‘There are two sides of the frame ‘, he explains. ‘Just jump on the frame itself. I don’t think the glass would break if you did that,’ he adds, gesturing to the outside frame of each glass panel.

Check out the clip here:

Other fans have suggested the players could have used their shoes and thrown them at the panels to see which broke and which were safe to step on. Although I’m not too sure the guards would have been kind enough to allow players to lob their shoes at the bridge, as genius as it is.

I have to say, while @ph1boyyy’s technique does seem like it could work, I don’t think I fancy my chances at putting it to the test.

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix now. 

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