Somebody Compared Game Of Thrones To Shrek And The Similarity Is Unbelievable

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Whether you think the Game of Thrones showrunners did the final series justice, or whether you think they messed up big time, here’s something that’ll definitely ruin it for you.

But in a nice, wholesome, and very funny way, of course.


Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed how rather a lot of scenes from Game of Thrones, from the Wall to King’s Landing, look alarming similar to a certain animated film about a giant green ogre and the fairy tale creatures he hangs out with.

Yep, just like Jon Snow getting it on with his aunt, once you see it you can’t unsee it. And now we’ve seen the myriad similarities between Shrek and Game of Thrones. But to be honest I’m here for it – there’s nothing like a bit of humour to cut through all the tension of the final series.


It all started with the Twitter account @ohmytargaryen which, as you can tell from the handle, is somewhat of a Game of Thrones fan.


They helpfully pointed out: ‘So basically Game of Thrones is a Shrek live action’, and – well – they’re not wrong.

Check it out:


The final series of Game of Thrones has been disappointing to a fair few people, in fact more than a million people have signed petition to have it rewritten. Hopefully this GoT homage to Shrek will go someway to make up for it though – who doesn’t like Shrek?!

prince charming in shrek/jaime lannister in game of thrones@ohmytargaryen/Twitter
the lannisters in game of thrones@ohmytargaryen/Twitter

And, just as Shrek had the Puss in Boots spin-off, many GoT fans are calling for an Arya spin-off.

Spoiler alert – the young Stark ended up getting out of Westeros on a shipped headed to find out ‘what’s west of Westeros’. Let’s hope she finds something, maybe a giant ogre with an ogre wife and a few ogre kids. Maybe she’ll meet a guy called Howard and have a son called Tony, who knows.

That’ll do donkey, that’ll do.

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