Simpsons Fans Convinced Show Predicted The Metaverse Over A Decade Ago


Simpsons Fans Convinced Show Predicted The Metaverse Over A Decade AgoAlamy/Disney

Fans of The Simpsons are arguing that the show predicted the formation of the metaverse. 

From anticipating the rise of dating apps to Donald Trump becoming president, the long-running American sitcom has often been hailed as having an ominous insight into the future.


It has since been suggested by fans that in a 2011 episode called Holidays of the Future, The Simpsons predicted the development of the Metaverse, which has been championed by Facebook – now known as Meta – CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

With the Holidays of the Future episode mirroring footage from a recent virtual address hosted by Zuckerberg in California, fans have been sent into a frenzy about the show having predicted the world of virtual reality.

One said: ‘It’s probably easier to make a list of things they didn’t predict.’


Another wrote: 

I think people are just watching Simpsons to gain ideas at this point.

A third commented: ‘The Simpsons is basically the CIA.’


Other users suggested the show ‘created the metaverse’ itself, with one noting how the parallels between The Simpsons and Zuckerberg’s presentation was ‘freaking’ them out.

Another person wrote: ‘I’m just wondering when The Simpsons is going to predict that I’m a multimillionaire on a private island… Just me.’

A Reddit thread has also been created to discuss the concept, however, one user argued that the display of such technology in The Simpsons was an example of ‘just general virtual reality’.


They stated:

Black Mirror did the same. In fact that concept can be found dating pretty far back. I remember the VR machine in the sims when I played it as a kid. Pretty sure people knew and planned for it to become a thing for a long time.

The ‘connecting your body/consciousness through a wire’ is a very particular concept related to VR as well. I see it often depicted in that way so likely to become a reality.

They concluded that ‘life seems to have a way of predicting things like that naturally throughout time,’ whether it be with ‘intentional predictive programming or not’.

The Simpsons first began seemingly predicting the future a whole 32 years ago, and the latest so-called prediction is sure to not be it’s last either, with the programme’s creator having hinted just how the show has been able to foretell the future for so long.


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