Shrek Superfan Gets Spotify Tattoo That Plays All Star By Smash Mouth

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Shrek Superfan Gets Spotify Tattoo That Plays All Star By Smash MouthDeadline

Hear the lyrics ‘somebody once told me’ and chances are your mind will immediately picture a huge, green ogre slamming open the door of his home and stepping out into his swamp.

If you don’t, you must not have seen Shrek, because the fact of the matter is the song All Star by Smash Mouth is pretty much synonymous with Shrek, and has been since its release in 2001. It might not have been what the band expected upon releasing the song, but it’s fine because both Shrek and All Star are absolutely brilliant.

Evidently I’m not the only one who thinks so, and one fan went above and beyond to prove their love for the two things with a tattoo for a Spotify code linking to All Star.

Check it out below:


Eyelash technician Tymarah Emily decided to get the unique tattoo on a whim while visiting her friend’s tattoo studio on Friday, January 14, after which she shared it on TikTok.

In a video, Tymarah showed off the unusual black ink which is located just above her left elbow as the tattoo artist, Tina-Marie Lewis, pulled up the Spotify code scanner on her phone.

She angled the camera towards Tymarah’s arm, and as soon as it recognised the code it began playing the familiar opening bars of All Star.

Alongside the video, Tymarah wrote: ‘When you definitely just made the best decision of your life…Tell me I’m wrong? #Shrek.’

Shrek (Dreamworks)Dreamworks

After going under the needle for the sake of Shrek, Tymarah explained that she had a lot of faith in Tina after she’d created some ‘unreal tattoos’, including ‘some amazing bits of art’ that Tymarah had done previously.

Recalling the moments that led up to her latest ink, she commented: ‘We were doing a new arm tattoo with me and I have this ongoing joke with my friends that I’d do it and to be fair I do really like Shrek. I love the song All Star by Smash Mouth and we thought it would be funny and really cool to get the Spotify logo and the song code.’

Tymarah explained that she and Tina had ‘joked’ about the idea before, but she decided to take the plunge while she was having another tattoo done on her forearm.

Scanning Shrek tattoo on arm (Deadline)Deadline

She continued: ‘So we printed it out, stenciled it and then made sure it worked with the stencil on my arm. It would have been even more funny if I had the tattoo then it didn’t work!’

TikTok fans expressed their praise for the creative piece of art, with one describing it as ‘amazing’.

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