Rick And Morty Fans Spot The Simpsons Easter Egg As New Episode Visits Springfield


Warning: Contains Spoilers

Rick And Morty Fans Spot The Simpsons Easter Egg As New Episode Visits SpringfieldAdult Swim/20th Television

Eagle-eyed Rick and Morty viewers spotted something quite peculiar in the show’s latest episode, in that its characters appeared to very briefly visit Springfield.


That’s right folks, the animated science fiction sitcom appeared to pay tribute to The Simpsons with an epic Easter egg, giving its viewers the chance to spot the fictional town – or at least part of it.

Because what better way to catch up on our favourite animated shows than realising we’re catching up on our favourite animated shows and getting a two-for-one special at the same time?

Rick and MortyAdult Swim

The tribute came during last night’s, May 17, episode The Vat of Acid Episode, which saw Morty challenge Rick to create a time travel device that would create a ‘save point’ and let him re-do any of his choices.


The Simpsons‘ Easter egg appeared after Morty began messing around with the mad scientist’s invention, which allowed him to save his place in time and go back to it with a simple press of a button.

One of Morty’s first acts while time travelling was to help an elderly man; while doing so, viewers were able to see what appeared to be the exterior of Moe’s Tavern in the background – in particular the distinctive green and orange stained-glass windows and maroon door.

Rick And Morty Fans Spot The Simpsons Easter Egg As New Episode Visits Springfieldu/Daevin/Reddit

Fans of The Simpsons soon caught on and took to social media to express their excitement over the sneaky Easter egg:


That wasn’t the only nod to a different animated universe though, with one of Morty’s choices eventually leading him to crash-land a plane on a mountain as part of a South Park Easter egg.


After the crash, the few survivors end up wearing hats that resemble those worn by Stan and Kyle, with Morty also wearing an orange parka like Kenny – who died many times throughout years of South Park.

As per ComicBook, this is actually a small spoiler as to how many times Morty will die throughout the episode, with this particular re-do making him extremely lonely.

Because of this, he begins killing himself in a variety of ways before Rick reveals that Morty really has been killing himself in several different timelines, and he really did experience all of those deaths.

Rick And Morty Fans Spot The Simpsons Easter Egg As New Episode Visits Springfieldu/sackofwisdom/Reddit

The animated crossovers didn’t even end there, with Rick later finding time to make a meta joke about the premise of the episode, which he said had already been done by Futurama.

Basically, the show’s creators managed to pack a lot into such a short time, with many viewers describing it as the best episode yet – so obviously the Easter eggs were appreciated.

Rick and Morty airs Thursday at 10pm BST on E4, and you can stream episodes online on All4 for 30 days after broadcast.

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