Rick And Morty Creators Share First Look At Season 5

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Rick And Morty Creators Share First Look At Season 5Adult Swim

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! The creators of Rick and Morty have given fans a first look at what’s to come in season five.

The popular Adult Swim cartoon tied up its fourth season earlier this year, and viewers are understandably clamouring for more hilarious, twisted galactic misadventures.

To break the harsh news quickly, it’ll be a while until the mischievous pair return to our screens. However, you can satisfy your Rick and Morty appetite with this brand new footage from the next season – get ready for a new nemesis.

Check out the first look at season five of Rick and Morty below:


The footage is evidently pulled from the show’s preliminary animations – however, it comes packed with all the voice acting, giving us an exciting insight into what we can expect.

We start with Morty carrying a gravely injured Rick back to their ship, with a massive monster in pursuit. ‘Stay with me,’ Morty pleads, with Rick replying: ‘I’m scared Morty, I can see the end. Oh god, there’s nothing. I know I always said that, but god, there’s really nothing… I’m sorry I got you into this.’

Rick and Morty Season Five First LookAdult Swim

Morty leaps into action: ‘How about I get us out of this?’ He commandeers the spacecraft, soaring through a portal away from the beast – however, in the process, the ship begins a crash course down to Earth.

With death on the horizon, he calls Jessica to tell her how he feels. Amazingly, she replies: ‘I wish you’d said it sooner,’ before asking him if he’s available to come over that night and watch a movie.

Rick and Morty Season Five First Look 2Adult Swim

Morty then screams: ‘Fuck death, I wanna live!’ He manages to land the ship in the ocean, securing his and Rick’s life. However, Rick isn’t happy about being on the water.

An Aquaman-esque, trident-wielding figure emerges from below, exclaiming: ‘Richard, you have desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea. Now face the wrath of your once and eternal foe, Mister Nimbus!’

It turns out Rick has a nemesis.

Rick and Morty Season Five First Look 3Adult Swim

While not giving much else away at Adult Swim’s Comic-Con @ Home panel, co-creator Dan Harmon explained that the show was ahead of schedule.

‘We’re basically done writing it. The only exception is I get on these Zoom edit sessions where we’re kind of finalising the finale of season five. It’s a crazy situation to be in because this show has notoriously kept everyone behind schedule,’ he said.

There’s currently no release date for Rick and Morty’s fifth season.

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