Reimagined LGBTQ+ Harry Potter Series Reportedly Being Planned

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Reimagined LGBTQ+ Harry Potter Series Reportedly Being PlannedAlamy

A diverse, LGBTQ+ series set in the Harry Potter universe is being developed by online creators. 

The world of witchcraft and wizardry’s legacy has taken a knock in recent years, whether it’s the dismal Fantastic Beasts spin-off franchise or JK Rowling‘s controversial allegedly transphobic views, which have attracted the ire of many of the original movies’ stars.

However, if the success of The Cursed Child and the 20th anniversary reunion proves anything, it’s that fans aren’t ready to say goodbye quite yet. Now, a collective of passionate fans in the US are working together to create their own magical series with forward-thinking casting.

Marauders Saga: Order Rising, spearheaded by TikTok creator Megan Mckelli, will take place two years before Harry Potter is left with his famous scar and becomes ‘The Boy Who Lived’.

During this time, ‘the Marauders, famed creators of the Marauders Map, fight with the Order of the Phoenix against the Death Eaters, who are quickly rising to power… [they] may have been big shots at Hogwarts, but now they are the most inexperienced members of Albus Dumbledore’s secret organisation The Order of the Phoenix, scrambling to stop Voldemort’s rise to power,’ the synopsis reads, as per the production’s Discord server.

‘James Potter and Lily Evans, Harry’s parents, want to change the world… and get married. Sirius Black, disowned from his blood supremacist family, runs right into the arms of his best friend, Remus Lupin, who has his own demons to conquer. Peter Pettigrew, a timid underdog who loves his friends, dreams of escaping the deadly war he’s found himself in.

‘Alastor Moody, the leader of the Order of the Phoenix, has bigger problems than babysitting the newest recruits. Not only is the Ministry of Magic hampering his efforts, but the Death Eaters possess an ancient artefact that has the power to be a deadly weapon in the wrong hands.’

On the server, Mckelli notes that the web series hopes to ‘reflect the diversity of the fanbase in its beloved characters, introducing people of colour, queer storylines, and characters of differing faiths’.

While several of the roles are open to all ethnicities and identities, some are specific; for example, James Potter can only be played by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) and must be masculine-presenting, while Sirius Black is also BIPOC but open to all genders and identities.

Rowling has yet to comment on the production, but it’s unclear if she’s granted her permission for the series. While she could sue the creators for copyright infringement, there’s been no reports of a lawsuit at the time of writing. There’s also no release date for Marauders Saga: Order Rising. 

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Marauders Saga Casting/Discord
  1. Marauders Saga Casting/Discord

    Marauders Saga Casting

Cameron Frew
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