Redditors Think Matrix 4 Make-Up Artist Has Leaked Sequel Title


Redditors Think Matrix 4 Make-Up Artist Has Leaked Sequel TitleWarner Bros.

A Reddit user has theorised that a make-up artist for the upcoming sequel, The Matrix 4, has leaked the title of the eagerly anticipated movie.

If you want the as-of-yet unnannounced title to remain a complete surprise, then it might be best to stop reading now. But if you’re as curious as I am, then by all means read on.


The observant Redditor, who goes by the username u/vesuveusmxo, remarked that an Instagram user by the name of love_lana_wachowski had apparantly shared a post by a makeup artist from The Matrix 4. A photo which apparently contained one particularly telling detail.

Neo The MatrixWarner Bros.

As per u/vesuveusmxo:

I’ll avoid spoilers, but I’ll tell the story; An Instagram user called love_lana_wachowski shared a post by a makeup artist from the Matrix 4. She was showing off a wrap gift from the studio/Lana for working on Mx4. It looked to be a suit coat with Matrix code on the inner lining.

Love Lana then shared a picture from the makeup are that with the coat and a thank you card bearing the subtitle.

May not be a surprise to many


Tim Horner

Although this is still just speculation, fans on the thread appeared to like the potential choice, noting that it made sense to stick with the ‘R’ titles.

One person commented:

RELOADED, REVOLUTIONS, RESURRECTIONS. I like it. The obvious choice is the best choice most of the time.


Another remarked:

Can already see it as a tattoo or something. First real thing that’s gotten me excited.

Now, this pic seems to be no longer up on the love_lana_wachowski account. However, one of the Reddit users shared a link to what appears to be a screengrab from the orginal post from TV hairstylist Shunika Terry.



The Matrix 4 is currently scheduled for release on December 22, 2021.

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