Redditor Claims Last Night In Soho ‘Plagiarised Whole Story From Scooby-Doo’

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Redditor Claims Last Night In Soho 'Plagiarised Whole Story From Scooby-Doo'Alamy/Warner

A Reddit user has claimed the psychological horror film Last Night In Soho has in fact ‘plagiarized its whole story from a Scooby-Doo movie’.

Taking to Reddit’s R/Horror forum, u/KLJohnnes noted striking similarities between the dark thriller and the far more family-friendly flick, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998).


Remarking that Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island was in fact one of their ‘favourite movies’, u/KLJohnnes claimed ‘the whole story of the movie’ was essentially the same.

Last Night in Soho. (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

They explained:

The first half of Soho is Eloise moves to London but because of her not getting along with her roommates, she finds a place run by a little old woman, there she starts having visions about Sandie and how incredible her life is before she starts to go down a spiral after seeing Sandie be forced to prostitution.

After she realizes what happened with Sandie, Eloise starts to see ghosts or apparitions of the men that had their way with Sandie. This affects her as she’s constantly having these visions of men trying to approach her.

It’s meant to be seen as scary and it really takes a tool on Eloise who just don’t seem to be able to stop these vision and is having to deal with these men constantly following and trying to approach her.


Comparing this to Zombie Island, u/KLJohnnes explained that the action picks up after the Scooby Gang had been ‘separated for a while’, reunited once more after Freddy invites them to surprise Daphne, who is now looking for real ghosts as part of her job as a TV reporter.

After arriving in New Orleans, a woman named Lena Dupree invites them to her workplace in Moonscar Island, claiming that the mansion there is haunted.

Once on the spooky island, the gang are haunted by pirate ghosts who warn them to get out. As the story unfolds, the ‘ghosts turns into zombies who are trying to approach them at any costs’.

Scooby Doo (Warner Home Video)Warner Home Video

The Redditor continued:

You’re meant to believe that the real monsters are the zombies in the same way that these faceless men who are haunting Eloise are the villains of the story. That is until it’s revealed that these people weren’t trying to harm them but to warn them of who the real villains were.

They were in fact the victims of the actual killers, who were the unsuspected person that lead them into a place to stay.

Both the zombies and the faceless men weren’t trying to approach them (Eloise and the Scooby Gang) to murder them but to ask for help as they’re stuck in life as a ghost until their killers were discovered guilty.

While in Soho, the ghosts had ‘slept with someone who didn’t had a choice to’, the Scooby-Doo ghosts ‘were guilty of killing a group of settlers who lived in the island 200 years before the movie’.

Viewers are meant to take this as the ‘villains weren’t exactly wrong in their motivation but as time passed they got lost in their wrongdoing and it started to lost the meaning of why they had done it’.

Thomasin McKenzie in Last Night in Soho. (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

She went on to note that the central characters in both films – Eloise and Velma – both ‘suspect of someone’, however, in both movies, these suspects ‘not only turn out to be innocent but cops’.

The Redditor concluded:

I know this can be read as a reach but it really feels similar in a lot of ways. A new comer (Loise, Scooby Gang) arrive at a place who gives exactly what they want (A life in the 60s, a new mystery) run by an older woman who’s actually the villain (Miss Collings, Simone Lenoir) and are being followed by apparitions (the faceless men, the zombies) who are just being misguided and are actually trying to save the lead characters from evil.


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    Last Night In Soho plagiarized its whole story from an Scooby-Doo movie

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