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Quentin Tarantino's awkward dancing while directing Pulp Fiction has fans creasing

Quentin Tarantino's awkward dancing while directing Pulp Fiction has fans creasing

People are in hysterics at Tarantino's awkward moves

Quentin Tarantino's 'awkward' dad dancing while directing Pulp Fiction has left fans divided.

Recently resurfaced footage from behind the scenes of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema is leaving fans in complete hysterics.

The multi-award-winning director's moves take dad dancing to an entirely new level. Check it out but, be warned, it's a whole lot of awkward:

Tarantino has long-since been hailed as one of the best movie directors of our time.

With a jam-packed filmography of box-offices smashes like Django Unchained, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood just to name a handful - it's clear Tarantino knows what he's doing when it comes to the silver screen.

However, it seems that the 60-year-old isn't as talented on the dance floor as he is behind the camera after footage from the behind the scenes of Pulp Fiction (1994) started making its rounds on Twitter

With a star-studded cast including the likes of Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, this crime drama has truly stood the test of time with its iconography still being referenced to this day.

And one of the most-loved scenes from the entire flick is the dance scene between Thurman and Travolta.

Tarantino couldn't help but get involved behind the scenes.

As the pair geared up to grace our screens with the iconic dance number, Tarantino couldn't help but get involved as he watched on at the two actors in complete glee.

He can be seen clumsily bopping around, tapping his feet, swaying his arms and nodding his head while the pair do their rendition of the twist.

The resurfaced footage has since gone viral and it seems to have split the internet right down the middle.

Some people found the footage oddly touching with one Twitter user commenting: "This makes me smile. Quentin just enjoying the music enough to dance along to it. He's in his happy place."

A second called the behind-the-scenes clip an 'awesome moment' while a third admitted: "HA!! That would be me! This is great to see!!! He’s loving it and feeling it!!"

He sure is.

"I will forever think of this now when I see this scene."

Others, however, weren't so into the Hollywood legend's grooves.

One Twitter posted: "Awkward feels like it doesn’t even do it justice," accompanied by a barrage of crying laughing emojis.

Another revealed: "I will forever think of this now when I see this scene."

Us too, us too.

"I wouldn't call that dancing," a third claimed, while fourth echoed: "Tarantino can't dance."

"LOL," penned another, "I would be so distracted seeing him fidgeting behind the camera."

What do you make of his bizarre boogying?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@TheCinegogue/Miramax

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