QAnon Convinced The White House’s Green St Patrick’s Day Light Was A Secret Message


QAnon Convinced The White House’s Green St Patrick’s Day Light Was A Secret MessagePA Images

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe the green lights outside the White House weren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Among the many baseless beliefs of QAnon supporters, whether it’s Donald Trump’s political enemies being Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic paedophiles or the former POTUS eventually returning to office, this could be the flimsiest yet.


On Wednesday, March 17, it was St. Patrick’s Day. In a completely ordinary move to mark the occasion, lights around the White House turned green, including on the water fountains. Do you see the deeper meaning?

PatriotTakes explained on Twitter: ‘QAnon believers are fixating on this photo of the WH appearing green. The water in the fountain was turned green for St. Patrick’s Day. They say that green = go and are hoping for something to happen tonight.’

According to Newsweek, one supporter wrote of the photos: ‘Look what I just found. St Patrick’s day coincidence? Hmmm?’


A Telegram known as We The Media, which boasts more than 200,000 subscribers, also cited Trump Winery’s 17% discount on wines ‘on the day associated with the colour green’. In addition, 17 is said to be an important figure to QAnon, as Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, while there’s also the fact St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17.

There’s also speculation among the members of the movement that this aligns with the red castle and green castle theories coming true, the foundation of which is almost indecipherable in terms of any form of logic.

QAnon Convinced The White House’s Green St Patrick’s Day Light Was A Secret MessagePA Images

Naturally, these claims quickly became the subject of mockery online. One user wrote: ‘I’m amazed they’re not claiming that it’s CGI and the REAL white house was destroyed months ago.’


Another asked: ‘How do they constantly get their hopes [up] only to have them crushed over and over again? Seriously how stupid do you have to be to convince yourself something is going to happen, NEVER have it happen, and then continue to believe things really will happen?’

A great question – one to which we’ll likely never get an answer.

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    QAnon Followers Say White House's St. Patrick's Day Lighting Was 'Go' Message

Cameron Frew
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