Pierce Brosnan Says Quentin Tarantino Drunkenly Pitched Him A James Bond Movie

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Pierce Brosnan Says Quentin Tarantino Drunkenly Pitched Him A James Bond MoviePA Images/20th Century Studios

Pierce Brosnan’s tenure as James Bond would have died another day had Quentin Tarantino got his way. 

In aid of keeping people entertained during these trying times, the Irish actor revisited his first outing as 007 in GoldenEye for a live watch-along with fans, offering up anecdotes and commentary to the fans at home.

Of all the stories, one emerged as particularly fascinating; it turns out Quentin Tarantino was a big fan of Brosnan’s Bond, so much so he wanted to helm a film of his own.

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The 66-year-old actor explained that Tarantino wanted to meet him shortly after the release of Kill Bill: Volume 2 in 2004, where he expressed fervent desire to continue Brosnan’s stint as the secret agent.

Brosnan said on the Esquire stream: 

It was after Kill Bill: Volume 2, and he wanted to meet me, so I went up to Hollywood one day from the beach, and I met him at the Four Seasons. I got there at 19:00 – I like to be punctual. 19:15 came around, no Quentin, he was upstairs doing press.

Someone sent over a martini, so I had a martini, and I waited till 7:30, and I thought, where the heck is he? Word came down, apologies, so I thought, okay, I’ll have another martini.

When the Inglorious Basterds director finally arrived, the actor was already more than a few drinks in. Soon, after more martinis, ‘we were both fairly smokered’. In their blissful drunkenness, Tarantino opened up to Brosnan about his admiration of the actor and how he wanted to jump in to the franchise.

Quentin Tarantino PA Images

Brosnan continued: 

He was pounding the table, saying you’re the best James Bond, I wanna do James Bond, and it was very close quarters in the restaurant and I thought, please calm down, but we don’t tell Quentin Tarantino to calm down. He wanted to do James Bond, and I went back to the shop and told them but it wasn’t meant to be.

No Quentin Tarantino for James Bond. What a shame, that would have been a good one to watch.

With 2002’s much-maligned Die Another Day, Brosnan’s time in the role came to a close. Of course, the Bond series took on a bold and brutal re-imagining in 2006 with Casino Royale, starring a fresh-faced Daniel Craig (who is now the longest-running actor to play the character).

Die another day James Bond Pierce Brosnan20th Century Studios

Brosnan’s doors are still open to Tarantino, though. ‘Quentin, you know where to find me,’ he said. Now that’s a collaboration we need to see.

All of Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond films are available to stream on Amazon Prime. 

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