People Can’t Believe This Matthew McConaughey Trailer Belongs To A Real Movie

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People Can’t Believe This Matthew McConaughey Trailer Belongs To A Real MovieReality Check Productions

The internet has found a trailer for an old movie starring Matthew McConaughey, and people can’t believe it’s real.

If someone told you about a movie starring Oscar-winning actors Matthew McConaughey, Gary Oldman and Patricia Arquette alongside Emmy winning actor Peter Dinklage, then you’d probably think it was pretty good.

Then you might watch the trailer and wonder what the hell anyone was thinking when they signed up to be in R-rated comedy-drama TipToes.

Said trailer for the movie recently made its way onto Reddit, where people could not believe the movie they were watching was real.

You can watch it here:


One user described the trailer as ‘straight outta Tropic Thunder‘, while others were struck with utter disbelief that the movie had such a star-studded cast.

Tiptoes follows the story of McConaughey’s Steven, who introduces his fiancée Carol (Kate Beckinsale) to his family when she becomes pregnant, only for her to discover that the entire rest of his family are little people.

Steven and Carol must then come to terms with the possibility that their baby might be a dwarf with help from Steven’s twin brother Rolfe, played by Oldman in what the trailer optimistically describes as ‘the role of a lifetime’.

As if the film itself wasn’t unbelievable enough, some of the behind-the-scenes drama only adds to the confusion.

According to Yahoo, Beckinsale agreed to star in TipToes for minimum wage on the condition that she could wear her lucky hat in scenes, while the film itself it killed the career of director Matthew Bright after he was fired during post-production. He hasn’t directed anything else since.


Bright’s original 150-minute cut of the movie debuted in 2003, though after he was fired from the project the film’s producers cut it down to 90 minutes to screen it at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Critically, the 90-minute cut is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. With a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes it’s probably the sort of movie you’d only watch to convince yourself it actually exists.

Although TipToes was a disaster, Dinklage later defended the director’s original 150-minute cut, saying it was ‘gorgeous’ and that executive meddling ‘ruined the movie’ after Bright was fired.

Maybe there’s a chance to launch a #ReleaseTheBrightCut campaign.

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