People Can’t Believe How Long Ago Friends Began

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People Can't Believe How Long Ago Friends BeganWarner Bros.

If you needed to feel any older than you already do, then this reminder of just how long ago Friends began will make you realise just how ancient you really are. 

On this day, September 22, in what is apparently a lifetime ago, the hit American television sitcom Friends, aired its first-ever episode.


It may have only felt like yesterday that you were joining Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica in Central Perk, but fans of the show have since taken to the internet in disbelief over just how long ago the show first began.

Perth, Scotland - 31 October 2019: Box Set of Friends TV Series - (Lukasz Kochanek/ Alamy)Alamy

In news that will shock a lot of people, it was a whopping 27 years ago when the sitcom aired its first episode.

Friends fans across the internet where whipped into a frenzy over just how long its been since they first watched the hit series, taking to the comments to share their favourite moments.


One recalled, ‘Ross shouting PIVOT,’ while another wrote, ‘Anyone under the age of 30 takes offence to most things nowadays. They lack humour and try to find the wrong in everything, hence a lack of comedies now. Friends was superb.’

A third commented, ‘Far too many to count!!!! What a show!! Seen every episode 500+ times, and can still sit there and watch them over & over again!!!’

I may still be under the age of 30, but I can still appreciate the humour that can be found in the series.


From Monica coming in with a turkey on her head before Chandler says he loves her, to Ross whitening his teeth to new extremes and Phoebe’s theory about lobsters, if you ever needed an excuse to stick on the sitcom, that time is now.

So, don’t watch shark porn like Chandler, stick on some Friends instead.

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    ON THIS DAY Spiral calendar pad: 27 years ago today 'Friends' aired its very first episode.

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