People Are Realising Squid Game Already Existed In The UK


People Are Realising Squid Game Already Existed In The UKBBC/Netflix

South Korean drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm after being released on Netflix last month, but some viewers are now pointing out a similar show has been seen before.

Having resided in Netflix’s ‘Trending Now’ section for weeks on end, it’s no secret that Squid Game has proved a popular choice for viewers looking to squeeze in a bit of deathly drama on their lunch break or indulge in intense, lengthy viewing sessions.


Depicting a reality TV show, the show sees indebted contestants take on a series of games and challenges in a bid to win life-changing amounts of money – the only catch is, if they lose, they die.

Wi Ha-joon in Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix

Despite involving children’s games, the gruesome show definitely isn’t one for kids, although some UK viewers are pointing out that it’s actually not too dissimilar to a real-life game show many of us used to enjoy watching after getting home from school.

Cast your mind back to the noughties, when you’d settle in front of the TV, flick on CBBC and see the ancient Scottish warlord Raven call upon young warriors to tackle the evil sorcerer Nevar.


The show, aptly titled Raven, originally ran from 2002-2010 and included challenges such as Demon Causeway, Riddle of the Portal, Riddle of the Raven’s Eye and Key Descent. Each warrior started out with a number of lives, though throughout various stages the warrior with the fewest lives and rings must face the Way of the Warrior.

Fans of the series will know that the Way of the Warrior was no ordinary game, with just one misstep enough to see the player eliminated from the game. Much like in Squid Game, things didn’t seem to end well for the unlucky warriors, who mysteriously disappeared from the screen.

It didn’t take long for fans of both Squid Game and Raven to start comparing the two shows, especially after people began to question what kind of games players might face in a British version of the show.


Highlighting the similarities on Twitter with an image of Raven, one person wrote: ‘“Imagine if Squid Game was set in the UK.” Mate, we HAD Squid Game in the UK. Have any of those kids ever been seen again??’

Responding to the post, another person wrote: ‘The Way of the Warrior literally claimed kids lives and nobody can convince me otherwise.’


One person attempted to dispel the rumours by claiming they were ‘in season 1’ of Raven and were ‘still alive and kicking’, though they were quickly shot down by another user who accused them of being a ‘paid stooge’ hired by the BBC so it ‘doesn’t get into any lawsuits’.

Though Squid Game is definitely the more obviously violent show, the mysterious disappearance of the contestants in Raven evidently prompted concerns that continue to this day.

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