People Are Just Finding Out Hugh Grant’s Middle Name Is ‘Mungo’ And The Jokes Are Rolling In

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People Are Just Finding Out Hugh Grant's Middle Name Is 'Mungo' And The Jokes Are Rolling InPA Images

Having just found out Hugh Grant’s middle name is Mungo, people online are already having a field day with Hugh Mungo Grant. 

The beloved British actor, who most recently starred in HBO’s The Undoing, has become the subject of good-humoured jokes today in the wake of newfound knowledge: the star’s middle name is Mungo.

Molly Conger (@socialistdogmom) kicked it off, tweeting, ‘Melting down at the discovery that Hugh Grant’s middle name is Mungo. Humongo Grant. Someone held a tiny newborn infant in their arms and said this is my baby, Humongo Grant.’

Immediately, we should note, his full name is actually Hugh John Mungo Grant. His Wikipedia page seems to have omitted the John, perhaps in aid of the jokes, so ‘Hughmungo’ doesn’t technically work. Of course, that was never going to stop people.

Amid thousands of likes and retweets, others are already cracking their own gags. ‘The existence of a Hugh Mungo Grant implies the existence of a Hugh Jerrie Grant,’ one user wrote.

Another joked, ‘His charitable foundation should be Hughmungo Grants.’ Molly replied, ‘Humongous missed opportunity there.’

A third wrote, ‘There *is* a john in the middle, apparently. But I’d rather like to think of his name as Hugh (John) Mungo (Grant). Which restores glory to the once giant baby.’

A fourth tweeted, ‘Great, just what I need. One more Hugh Mungo Grant that won’t end up awarding me a large sum of money.’ A fifth wrote, ‘The existence of Hugh Mungo Grant implies the existence of Wee Tiny Grant. (Did I do this right?)’

This revelation isn’t exactly new. If you search Hugh Mungo Grant on Twitter, you’ll find a smattering of tweets from the past two years from people discovering his full name. For example, one user wrote back in November last year, ‘Hugh Grant’s full name is Hugh John Mungo Grant. I would definitely go by Hugh Mungo Grant if it were me.’

As early as 2011, one user tweeted, ‘Hugh Mungo Grant. My god. That is the best name ever.’ Referencing his Leveson Inquiry testimony, another wrote, ‘Was I the only person who spat out my tea today when Hugh Grant was asked to give his full name? Hugh Mungo Grant!’

More recently, another user wrote, ‘I currently feel like absolute garbage but the Hugh Grant middle name tweet has made me, briefly, glad to be alive. Like, dark clouds parting and the sweet hopeful light that comes through spells out… his middle name is Mungo. His name is Hughmungo.’

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Cameron Frew
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