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People are howling over the backstory for Jar Jar Binks and his father George

People are howling over the backstory for Jar Jar Binks and his father George

May the Fourth be with you.

Jar Jar Binks is arguably the most hated Star Wars character to ever exist in George Lucas' epic sci-fi fantasy universe.

The bumbling, clumsy alien from Naboo was introduced in the prequel films and was almost immediately hated by fans all over the world.

The ire raining down on Jar Jar was so intense that the buffoon of a Gungan even had his appearance in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith reduced after fans took an immediate dislike to the creature, ScreenRant reports.

But the worst part of it all? Even his own father hated him.

And we learn all about it in George R. Binks, a comic in Star Wars Tales Volume 5 and Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith Vol. 2, written by Tony Millionaire.

The comic chronicles how Jar Jar's idiotic antics eventually drive his own father, George R. Binks, to attempt suicide.

A few of the comic strips have been shared on social media and fans are absolutely losing it over the bizarre and depressing tale of Jar Jar's poor dad.

One user said: "This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I have to stop looking at it because it’s making me giggle like a child."

Another said: "Thinking about Jar Jar Binks also gives me suicidal thoughts."

A third chipped in with: "This is one of my favorite comics of all time."

Another pointed out: "I feel obligated to be a giant nerd and point out this was never canon as it was from the apocryphal Star Wars Tales series."

Okay, so it might not technically be canon. But we're rolling with it.

And now we're going to explain the whole comic, so if you haven't read it, consider this your spoiler alert.

In the comic, we're out on the open seas of the planet Naboo.

George R. Binks, of the Binks & Son Whaling Company, is attempting to take down a whale. As you do when you're a whaler.

But due to the irresponsibility and clumsy actions of Jar Jar, their ship winds up sinking and the Binks family finds themselves marooned on a deserted island.

Sounds like quite the pickle, right?

Well, thankfully, Jar Jar was still there to make it all far worse for the now-stranded family.

A month slowly trickles by, and during that time poor George is driven to madness by his son's follies.

Unable to withstand his idiotic son's foolishness no more, he decides to shoot himself.

His wife urges him to reconsider and tells him to think of his son, which ultimately causes him to pull the trigger and miss.

As George lies on the sand, wallowing in self-pity, he reminisces of his first love, Sheebla.

He remembers he elected not to marry her as she couldn't give him the son he always had wanted.

He imagines seeing Sheebla standing before him, but the hallucination clears to reveal that it is actually his idiot son with an octopus wrapped around his head.

George then descends even deeper into crushing despair.


But it does prove the point that Jar Jar Binks really is the absolute worst.

Anyway, May the Fourth be with you.

Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd./20th Century Fox

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