Paris Hilton Says David Letterman ‘Purposefully Humiliated’ Her During 2007 Interview

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Paris Hilton Says David Letterman 'Purposefully Humiliated' Her During 2007 InterviewPA

Amid criticism of David Letterman, Paris Hilton said she was ‘purposefully humiliated’ by the talk show host in a 2007 interview.

In light of the Framing Britney Spears documentary, which has sparked discussion of how women were treated in the media throughout the 2000s, as well as prompting an apology from Justin Timberlake, Letterman has been the subject of controversy after clips resurfaced.


First, it was a ‘horrifying’ interview with Lindsay Lohan, then there’s questionable moments with the likes of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Aniston and Beyoncé. Now, Hilton has commented on her 2007 appearance on the show.

While Hilton had come on the show to discuss her new movie, perfume and other promotions, Letterman immediately honed in on her 45-day jail sentence for violating probation by driving without a valid licence. He asked: ‘Looking back on that experience, what can you tell us? What have you learned? What’s different about you?’

Hilton, naturally feeling awkward about the line of questioning, replied: ‘Obviously it was a very traumatic experience, but I survived it, so now I can do anything.’

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Nevertheless, Letterman continued, saying: ‘I suppose the food was awful. Did you have three meals a day? Did you start with breakfast? What would that be? Lunch? How were the bologna sandwiches? Is there a midafternoon snack? Do you go right to dinner? Are you eating alone in your cell or was it a common dining area?’

Hilton said she didn’t want to talk about it any further, but the host persisted, joking how she could be a role model for kids who see a celebrity facing the same consequences as anybody else. By the time the interview came to an end, she barely had any time to discuss her projects.


Speaking to E! News this week, Hilton explained: ‘That was off limits and he would not discuss it and we would only be there to promote the perfume and my other business ventures. I felt like it was a safe place because I’d been going on Letterman for so many years.’

Hilton continued: ‘He’d always have fun with me and joke around, but I thought he would keep his word on this and I was wrong.’

She recalled: ‘I was just getting so uncomfortable and I was so upset. Just being up there, it was like he was purposefully trying to humiliate me. And during commercial breaks I’d look at him, like please stop doing this. You promised me you wouldn’t talk about this and that’s the only reason I agreed to come on the show.’


Hilton added: ‘It was just very cruel and very mean. And after it ended I looked at him and I said I’m never coming on the show again. You’ve crossed the line.’

The pair have since made amends, with Letterman continually apologising for how he treated her on the show, though Hilton believes pop stars and other female celebrities in the 2000s were ‘targeted’ by the media.

Hilton said: ‘I would see that with myself, with Britney, Jessica Simpson. There was a certain type of girl they targeted that they’d never do that to a man.’

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    Paris Hilton Accuses David Letterman of "Purposefully" Humiliating Her in "Cruel" Resurfaced Interview

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