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Steven Spielberg reveals the one film of his which he believes to be 'perfect'
Featured Image Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Murray Close/Getty Images

Steven Spielberg reveals the one film of his which he believes to be 'perfect'

Steven Spielberg has directed a whopping 34 films and there's one he believes is 'perfect'.

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, producing classic, after classic, after classic for many years.

As he has produced so many movies in his time, there are obviously standouts to his fans and the film industry as a whole.

Since 1971, Spielberg has directed 34 films, and there are so many classics you can pick out from them isn't there?

Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Raiders of the Lost Ark, just to name a few.

Like most directors, Spielberg says he finds it difficult to rewatch some of his older movies, though he has got one that is exempt from that rule.

Steven Spielberg has directed 34 movies.

In fact, the famed director has revisited this particular film before, adding that he believes it's 'perfect'.

"I don’t look a lot at my movies after I’ve made them," he told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in March.

"I don’t look back too often but every once in a while I’ll see a movie with my kids."

Spielberg then went on to say he wanted to 'comfort my kids when they watched ET for the first time.'

He added: "I don’t want them to see ET without dad sitting there – especially with the scary parts at the beginning."

It could only be that one, couldn't it?

The 1982 film, fully titled ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, is often regarded as one of the most loved movies of all time.

And unsurprisingly, the classic film is the one Spielberg can continue to watch up until this day.

ET is an all-time classic isn't it?
Universal Pictures

"Sometimes I see things that I had intended to do that I didn’t do, and sometimes I see things that would have been a better idea than what I’m now seeing all these years later – but for the most part, ET is a pretty perfect movie," he said.

"It’s one of the few movies I’ve made that I can actually look back at again and again."

Spielberg has revealed how he can watch 'only a handful of movies' more than once, but ET is certainly an exception.

"I’ve made like 34 films and – I’m not gonna name which ones they are beyond ET – there’s about five or six films that I can watch again, but I don’t usually do that," he added.

I don't think Spielberg is the only one who could watch E.T over and again; it truly is a classic. Good choice, Steven.

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