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NBA cameraman's 'insane' skills are leaving people blown away
Featured Image Credit: @u/Palepak8872/Reddit

NBA cameraman's 'insane' skills are leaving people blown away

Whilst most fans were watching the Phoenix Suns go against with the Golden State Warriors, one cameraman stole the show.

There are some things in life that are just insanely satisfying and this includes the below clip, which shows an NBA cameraman perfectly capturing a shot of the ball travelling across the court as the Phoenix Suns score.

Basketball fans have been so impressed with his ‘insane’ skills, that the moment has gone viral on social media. Seriously, check it out below:

Filmed during a previous NBA season, the match was a playoff between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns.

Despite all the courtside distractions and the rapid game play, the unnamed cameraman proves he is the man of the match as he skilfully zooms in and out on players.

As an NBA fan watches on, the TV worker seems unphased as he moves the heavy camera and tracks the tense interactions as the teams vie for the ball.

Seconds later, the cameraman rapidly reacts as the basketball travels across the court and lands in the net – with the live footage seamlessly panning from one side to another.

It’s insanely satisfying to watch, with him even able to capture Chris Paul’s reaction as the Phoenix Suns take a point.

The NBA game has gone viral for its court side superstar.

Whilst most of us would get whiplash from the rapid movement, the cameraman seems unphased and continues to record the game.

Unsurprisingly, the clip has had a second life on Reddit with it receiving over 59,000 upvotes as fans react to the mesmerising viral video.

Writing in the comments, one fan was shocked when they realised it wasn’t multiple operators at work.

They said: “Damn, if I saw this on TV I would have assumed it was cut together from multiple cameras, that's impressive."

Another equally mesmerised viewer questioned how this was shot was even possible, adding: “Do these camera operators also pull focus at the same time? I assume so, but this much action while tracking and pulling focus and framing… holy s**t that’s a lot to do."

The cameraman even captured the basketball in mid-air.

Others were just impressed at how fast the camera had reacted to the players watching on.

“The wild part was how fast he made it back to the player’s face after the shot,” a third Redditor commented.

Meanwhile, a former camera operator revealed just how incredibly taxing the capture sports even is.

“I was a camera op for a local news station years ago. One of the routine jobs was to shoot high school football games,” they confessed, adding: “It was at that moment that made me realize how hard it is to film sports.”

It really goes to show that the players aren't the only hard workers in the NBA.

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