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Man’s response to cheating accusations has people calling it one of the most savage moments in TV history

Man’s response to cheating accusations has people calling it one of the most savage moments in TV history

The brutal moment took place on Maury Povich's chat show

Talk shows have been the source of some pretty wild TV moments, but one man's response to cheating allegations has been branded as 'one of the most savage moments in television history'.

The brutal moment comes from Maury - the longest-running daytime talk show with a single host in American history, making the winner of the 'most savage moment' even more impressive.

In the episode, host Maury Povich welcomed a veteran named Rebecca, who met her boyfriend and welcomed her first child after returning to civilian life.

However, Maury revealed that Rebecca feared her boyfriend, Kamal, had not only been cheating on her, but also using her for her veteran's benefits.

Rebecca claimed she'd found Kamal messaging a woman he'd previously had a relationship with, but that he brushed it off as nothing.

She then recalled one instance where she was cleaning her kitchen, and picked up a towel and found a 'hard, colorless, odorless' substance on it.

Rebecca shared her awareness that Kamal 'relieves himself', to which a frustrated Kamal hit back with a brutal, honest response.

Kamal didn't hesitate with his response.
YouTube/Maury Show

"I beat that sh*t, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I beat that sh*t," he said, as the audience hit out with calls of 'ohhh'.

Rebecca went on to claim she found another towel with that same substance hidden behind the toilet, before Maury welcomed Kamal to join Rebecca on the stage.

It's been three years since episode featuring Rebecca and Kamal was shared online, but it's still gaining attention today thanks to Kamal's brazen admission.

A clip of his response was posted on the X account 'Historic Vids' with the caption, 'One of the most savage moments in television history', and a lot of people were quick to agree.

"There is some wild s**t out here on the internet cause I would have never seen this," one viewer wrote, as another added: "He got no shame in his game."

Rebecca was left shocked by the lie detector results.
YouTube/Maury Show

After Maury welcomed Kamal to the show, he underwent a lie detector test in which he was asked whether the substance on the kitchen towel came from him 'having sexual contact of any kind with another woman'.

Kamal answered 'no' to the lie detector, and Maury revealed that the test confirmed he was telling the truth.

Kamal stood up to celebrate his result, with Rebecca left shocked at being proven wrong.

Maury also used the test to determine that not only was Kamal not using Rebecca for her veteran's benefits, but that he had never had sexual contact with another woman while they were in their relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Maury Show

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