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Jack Black ‘was in Jumanji’ before he was in Jumanji
Featured Image Credit: Activision / Sony

Jack Black ‘was in Jumanji’ before he was in Jumanji

Jack Black's first acting job has surprised his fans

Jack Black has been around the Hollywood scene for a long time now meaning not many people know his first acting gig.

Most recently, the School of Rock star starred in Kung Fu Panda 4, a sequel hailed by critics as very much packing a punch.

But it's Black's first acting job that's the current talk of the town, with many discovering how incredibly similar it is to the Jumanji movies.

While there's some jobs in his career he says he's forgotten, there is no doubt Black would have never forgotten his first acting role.

I mean, we all remember our first job, right? Whether that be a paper round or a cashier in the local supermarket.

Well, fans of Black have discovered his first ever acting gig when the School of Rock star was just 13 years old.

It wasn't exactly a film per se, but instead an advert that is bringing forward feelings of real familiarity.

Black was 13.

Back in 1982, a teenage Black got his first acting role in a TV advert for a video game called Pitfall! and it was all about a guy making his way through the jungle while avoiding plenty of dangers, which is basically what Black's character does in the Jumanji movies.

People have been absolutely loving this weird connection through his career, declaring that 'Jack Black was in Jumanji before he was in Jumanji'.

Someone else said 'his body was built specifically for a pith helmet', noting that the hat a teenage Black wore in the advert was basically the same as the one he had for the Jumanji movies.

Others found it a bit weird to see Black as a kid, with one person commenting 'it never occurred to me that Jack Black was ever a child', and we can kind of understand what they mean.

Jack Black's latest flick is Kung Ku Panda.
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Another commented that as a teenager he was doing the 'Jack Black mannerisms even at a young age'.

Some of the biggest fans of this link in Black's acting career are the cast of Jumanji themselves, as ahead of Jumanji: The Next Level, Black, Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas teamed up to recreate the Pitfall! advert.

As for Pitfall!, getting future megastar Jack Black into your commercial must be a good idea since it went on to enjoy incredible success with millions of copies sold.

It managed to handily outperform the much-hyped but notoriously terrible E.T. video game which is credited with helping crash the video game industry.

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