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Christopher Mintz-Plasse describes having his mom on set for 'Superbad' sex scene

Christopher Mintz-Plasse describes having his mom on set for 'Superbad' sex scene

The actor described the ‘uncomfortable’ sex scene he did at 17-years-old, despite having never kissed a girl before.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse has opened up about having his mom present during the sex scene he filmed for the iconic Superbad when he was just 17-years-old.

There’s a couple of situations in life that you just never even want to comprehend, and one of them might be having sex in front of a parent.

But for Christopher Mintz-Plasse, this became a reality whilst filming for Superbad in 2007.

The film catapulted the likes of Emma Stone, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill into stardom, but a couple of the actors have very vivid memories from filming that potentially, they might want to erase.

Last year, the cast opened up as to what filming was really like in an interview with Vanity Fair, and McLovin' himself took a deep dive into that crazily awkward sex scene.

The directors wanted a sort of ‘silly’ sex scene from Mintz-Plasse due to the nature of the film being a teen-comedy.

It goes without saying that the scene was handled with care by the crew, but it wasn’t just Mintz-Plasse who had to endure the embarrassment.

A parent was required to be on set for the filming of all scenes with a sexual nature, simply because the cast were underage at the time.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse admitted he'd never 'even kissed a girl at the time'.
Columbia Pictures

Recalling the experience with Vanity Fair, Mintz-Plasse said: “I remember being young and thinking it was cool: ‘Oh, my god. I’m gonna shoot a sex scene? That’s crazy!’

“I had never really even kissed a girl at the time. My mom had to be on set for the sex scene because I was 17-years-old. She had to come down, which was pretty uncomfortable.”

Joking, he added: “She was loving it up, though. She was having the time of her life, watching her son do that.”

Describing the way they would go about the awkward scene, director Greg Mottola said: “I thought, The way I’m going to do this is closeups.

“So basically the camera is her point of view, then it flips and the camera becomes his point of view. So that they would never have to be on top of each other very much.

Because Christopher Mintz-Plasse was just 17 at the time of filming, his mom had to be present for his sex scene.
Colombia Pictures

“We’d do a wide shot to get her into position on top of him, but we wouldn’t spend an enormous amount of potentially illegal time with both of them uncomfortable faking sex.”

Michael Cera also had to experience the unimaginable situation, when his character Evan was about to get it on with love interest Becca.

However, Martha MacIsaac who played Becca just couldn’t handle it.

She said before filming: Your mom can't be here. She's too kind.

“I can't try to do that to you with your mother looking.”

Featured Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

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