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Jake Paul claims his dad physically abused him when he was a child

Jake Paul claims his dad physically abused him when he was a child

The internet sensation has opened up about his childhood

Content warning: this article contains subject matter some readers may find upsetting.

Jake Paul has claimed his dad physically abused him when he was a child.

The YouTuber has alleged that he was a victim of abuse by his father in a new documentary about his life titled Untold, titled Jake Paul And The Problem Child.

In the latest episode of the docu-series, the social media star said his 'dad would slap the sh*t out of me' when he was younger.

He continued: "Our parents were really strict and mainly my dad – it was always Logan and I against him."

In the doc, Jake’s older brother Logan described the alleged actions of their father, Greg, in a different light.

"Jake may throw around the word 'abusive', I prefer 'not quite legal'," he revealed.

"Greg Paul is a f*cking being," Logan added. "He’s a menace. That guy’s intense."

Father Greg has since responded to such claims saying he 'never laid a hand' on either of his sons.

He did, however, admit to having thrown Jake 'on a couch a couple times'.

"That’s what the f*ck dads are supposed to do," he declared. "Welcome to life, get the f*ck over it."

Jake has said he is now 'understanding of why' his father was so tough with him growing up, disclosing: "I don’t resent it. That’s all he knew."

"He was so hard and so tough on us that my brother and I’s imagination really started to flare up," added Jake. "So, one day we get a camera and we just start filming our lives.

Jake has said he doesn't 'resent' his father Greg.
Jerritt Clark / Contributor / Getty Images

"We’ve been through some sh*t dude. It wasn’t fun, it was f*cking torture bro. But when you survive that sh*t you become tough as f*ck."

The official Netflix synopsis reads: "At 26, is Jake Paul the boxing world’s new savior or just a promoter who packs more punch in his marketing skills than in his right hand?

"It depends on whom you ask in UNTOLD: Jake Paul the Problem Child, an unflinching deep dive into how a wide-eyed kid from Ohio morphed from internet sensation to most polarizing man in sports.

"For every high-profile critic (UFC president Dana White), there’s another supporter in his corner (former professional boxer Mike Tyson).

"Built on gripping interviews with the Paul brothers – along with their parents, fans, fellow boxers, and the skeptical old guard – the film culminates with a nail-biting match that will prove if Jake has what it takes to rule his new kingdom."

Untold: Jake Paul The Problem Child is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Jerritt Clark / Contributor

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