Movie Hack Allows You To See Alan Rickman Get Punished For What He Did To Emma Thompson In Love Actually

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Movie Hack Allows You To See Alan Rickman Get Punished For What He Did To Emma Thompson In Love ActuallyPhoto 12/Landmark Media/Alamy/Universal Pictures

A hack has exposed how you can see Alan Rickman, the love rat villain of Love Actually, finally get his comeuppance for ripping poor Emma Thompson’s heart to shreds. 

If, like me, you swore off Love Actually for the rest of your life because of the recurring PTSD you experienced from watching as Karen (Emma Thompson) opened her Christmas present to find it wasn’t the necklace that she saw Harry (Alan Rickman) buy, then fear not, because your prayers have finally been answered.

At long last, a genius solution has been proposed which sees Harry punished for being a slimy, lying, scheming, little cheat – yes, I’m still not over it, but I may be after this.

Angela Bishop took to Twitter to reveal the hack, where if you watch one other Christmas film after watching Love Actually, Rickman does end up paying for his sins.

Love Actually Movie Hack Alan Rickman - Universal Pictures Universal Pictures

Bishop, saving us all from another tearful Christmas as we wish for Karen to find a better man, revealed that watching Die Hard after Love Actually gives you all the revenge you need on Rickman’s character.

She wrote:

Christmas movie tip. If you watch Die Hard straight after Love Actually, Alan Rickman will be punished for what he did to Emma Thompson.

Spoiler alert: in Die Hard, Rickman’s character Hans Gruber plummets painfully to his death off the top of Nakatomi Plaza after facing off with John McClane (Bruce Willis).

It’s really no less than what he deserves for the heart-break and misery that he caused Emma Thompson.

The post, naturally, has since attracted plenty of comments and reactions. One said: ‘WHY DID WE NOT DO THIS TO THE ARSEHOLE.’

Another wrote:

Why do you think he became an international crime lord? Emma Thompson let him off the hook, next thing he goes on a murderous thieving rampage.

A third commented: ‘After Die Hard, watch Dogma, and Alan Rickman spends the afterlife with no genitals acting as Alanis Morrisette’s translator.’

Of course, you could watch one of Rickman’s many, many other films. He was an incredible actor after all, and didn’t always play the villain.

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