Missandei’s Last Words Could Prove Dark Daenerys Fan Theory

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

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First of all, let’s take a minute to remember Missandei, one of the most intelligent, open minded and loyal characters on Game Of Thrones.

A fluent speaker of 19 languages, Missandei was a wise and highly skilled adviser and interpreter; vastly intellectually superior to many of those from aristocratic backgrounds.

Having overcome the horrors of slavery she remained hopeful and committed to the prospect of a better world right up until the very end.


Furthermore, she was – besides Ser Jorah – the closest friend Daenerys had ever had, a personal confidante and gal pal as well someone who defended her against doubters and naysayers.

Missandei’s love story with Grey Worm was one of the most romantic on the show, with the couple enjoying a passionate relationship despite his castration. We all wanted to see them live out peaceful lives together after the final battles were fought and won. Maybe next door to Tormund and Brienne.

Sadly, these star-crossed lovers exist within the Game of Thrones universe, and not in the fairy tale world that they both so desperately deserve.

The latest episode of Game of Thrones saw a grim and violent end we would never have wished for gentle Missandei. Captured by Euron’s fleet, she wound up being beheaded by the Mountain while Grey Worm and Daenerys looked on with horror.

She remained brave when facing her final moments, with her last words ‘Dracarys’ a fiercely dedicated act of defiance.

Fans will recall that ‘Dracarys’ was the word which freed Missandei and countless others from Slaver’s Bay, used by Daenerys to barbecue the repulsive Kraznys mo Nakloz.

For talented linguist Missandei, this word meant freedom. However, this utterance could also be interpreted as an instruction to Daenerys to avenge her death and ravage King’s Landing with dragonfire.

It will no doubt resonate with the increasingly unstable Daenerys, who is beginning to show the sort of paranoia which led her father to be known as the ‘Mad King’.

King Aerys II Targaryen had become erratic to the point that he planned to destroys King’s Landing with wildfire, with little care as to the ordinary civilians who would undoubtedly perish. Could Daenerys use her final dragon to carry out a similarly hellish plan?

Without Ser Jorah or Missendei to guide and counsel her, it’s likely Daenerys will continue to spiral further and further away from the beacon of hope she once symbolized many seasons ago.

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