Michael Bay Producing Pandemic Movie In Spirit Of ‘Cloverfield And Paranormal Activity’

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Michael Bay Producing Pandemic Movie In Spirit Of 'Cloverfield And Paranormal Activity'Paramount Pictures

Michael Bay is co-producing a tense, pandemic-based thriller that will reportedly channel the spirit of movies such as Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.

Entitled Songbird, production will kick off in Los Angeles within the next five weeks, with this potentially being the first movie to begin shooting in the city during lockdown.

Former Paramount production chief Adam Goodman and Eben Davidson from Invisible Narratives will also work as producers alongside Bay.

Michael BayPA

Taking place just two years into the future, Songbird imagines a world where humanity is still dealing with the pandemic. Pared-down self-isolating measures end up being reinstated and the situation becomes increasingly grave as the virus mutates.

As reported by Deadline, Adam Mason (Into The Dark) – who penned the script alongside Simon Boyes (Misconduct) – will be in the director’s chair.

Jacques Jouffret (The Purge) will be in charge of cinematography, while Jennifer Spence (Annabelle) will be taking care of production design. The casting process is reported to be currently underway, but as of yet no actors have been named as being attached to the project.

The filmmakers are said to be offering ‘remote training’ for each cast member. Actors won’t be filming scenes in the same room together, and will be coming in to shoot once crew members have set up shots. There will reportedly be no shots of cast members working face-to-face.

Hollywood’s guilds have apparently signed off on the production already, despite still being in the process of compiling safety protocols that would allow productions to resume.

The film has already secured funding, and a concept sizzle reel has been created to help promote the movie to global markets at the Virtual Cannes Market.

Bay is best known for big budget blockbuster films like Transformers and Bad Boys. However, this low key, indie affair appears to be a significant departure from his previous productions.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not Songbird will be a found footage film, however the tone has been compared to Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.

Although there does not appear to be any supernatural elements to the movie, the plot is said to entail some sort of government conspiracy.

Paranormal ActivityParamount Pictures

It’s not yet exactly clear where shooting will take place, with Los Angeles County authorities having suspended permits for filming and production activities – including soundstages – having come to a halt.

As noted by IndieWire, this production could well provide a ‘blueprint’ for filmmaking in these restricted times.

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