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Margot Robbie is the reason why Aqua’s Barbie Girl is about to make a triumphant return

Margot Robbie is the reason why Aqua’s Barbie Girl is about to make a triumphant return

The Aussie told director Greta Gerwig she wasn't taking 'no' for an answer.

Margot Robbie is taking full credit for one rather important claim when it comes to her career.

Without her, there'd be no Barbie. Without her, there'd be no 'Barbie Girl'.

The Australian actor revealed to Rolling Stone that the song making its way back in to the film soundtrack it was all her doing.

Robbie, who will take on the role of the real-life Barbie in Gerwig's film, said she issued a plea to her director pal.

"It has to be there,” Robbie explained to the famous music mag.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Alamy

“I was like, ‘Greta, how are we going to incorporate this song? We can’t do a Barbie movie and not have a nod to Aqua’s 'Barbie Girl'.”

The famed track was released in 1997 by Europop group Aqua.

It tells of the rather raunchy story of Mattel's own Barbie and Ken and the 'fantastic' and 'plastic' things they get up to.

The song, despite its sort of daggy premise, made Barbie cool with teens once again and saw the track skyrocket up the charts.

It landed at number one in over 15 countries.

According to the A-lister from Down Under, Gerwig assured her blonde gal pal that she'd 'find a cool way to incorporate it'.

And it seems she did!

A remix of the 1997 hit dropped on June 22 with Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice crooning over the track.

Robbie revealed how thrilled she was when she was initially told about the collab.

“I just knew immediately that all my girlfriends were going to lose their minds,” the 32-year-old starlet said.

Executive producer of the Barbie movie soundtrack Mark Ronson said that getting Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice was an obvious choice.

“I feel like people have been asking Nicki to rhyme over some version of ‘Barbie Girl’ for 15 years now,” said the UK DJ.

However, life in plastic wasn’t always fantastic, as the song wasn't even included in the original script.

Although Gerwig had plans to insert the song into her film, fans of the song were outraged when Aqua manager Ulrich Moller-Jorgensen released a statement last year saying the song would not be included in the movie.

But, and apparently thanks to Robbie’s persistence, Gerwig and Aqua struck a deal to give fans the absolute fire of a remix to the song they wanted.

The soundtrack is also set to feature some absolute bangers from Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Charli XCX, Ava Max, and The Kid Laroi, among others.

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Alamy

Dua Lipa’s track ‘Dance the Night’, which has already been released, is currently sitting at 32 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Robbie told Rolling Stone: “The music became more than just music - it became a device to enhance what the audience was watching and experiencing,” said Robbie.

Gerwig’s movie, Barbie, along with the entire soundtrack and two mystery tracks, will be released on Friday July 21.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Aqua/Youtube

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