Man Reveals All The Wonderful Secrets Of Film And TV Props

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Man Reveals All The Wonderful Secrets Of Film And TV Props@scottpropandroll/TikTok

If you’re fascinated by the magic of the movies, there’s one TikTok account that is quickly becoming a must-follow.

Scott Reeder is a prop master based in Austin, Texas, whose job is to create convincing props for film and TV sets.

On his TikTok page, Reeder has shared a number of tricks of the trade, giving movie fans a behind-the-scenes look at how various props and effects are made to look so realistic.

In one video, he shows off a set of ‘silent pools balls,’ which he created so that extras in a bar scene could play pool in the background without the sound of the game sending the audio mixer ‘BALListic.’ The balls look identical to the real things, but Reeder reveals they’re actually made from foam racquetballs painted with a gloss finish.


The soft pool balls were initially designed for use in a fight scene, so actors could throw them without doing too much damage.

Reeder’s pun-filled videos have won him more than a million followers on TikTok, as well as Instagram, where he posts about his work as a prop master, and it’s fair to say his posts are blowing people’s minds.

‘That’s something I’ve never considered being a problem,’ one person commented on his pool ball video, adding, ‘That’s crazy the length filmmakers go through for everything to go just right.’

fake pool balls as movie props (@scottpropandroll/TikTok)@scottpropandroll/TikTok

Reeder has worked on the sets of a whole range of productions, including Pitch Perfect, where he was involved in the notorious vomiting scene. In another video, he explained exactly how they pulled off the disgustingly realistic scene, revealing that the fake vomit was actually made using a concoction of apple sauce and V8 splash.

Reeder explained there’s a whole range of options when it comes to fake vomit, including oatmeal and soggy bread chunks, but recommended using sweet rather than salty tastes, and nothing that can go off – to avoid getting vomit that’s a little too realistic.

Featured Image Credit: @scottpropandroll/TikTok

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