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Sophie Turner Thinks 'Heavy' Game Of Thrones Scenes Will Cause Long Term 'Trauma' On Her

Sophie Turner Thinks 'Heavy' Game Of Thrones Scenes Will Cause Long Term 'Trauma' On Her

The actor who played Sansa Stark while she was a teenager was subjected to some pretty horrific scenes and experiences.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has admitted that she’ll ‘probably exhibit signs of trauma’ after being exposed to some heavy scenes while filming the television show at a young age.

Turner was just 13 when she was sprung into the spotlight of her first TV role in a show that contained loads of violent and sexual scenes.

Now 26, the actor has reflected on her days on the show and how she coped with the ‘heavy’ content.

In an interview for The Cut, she said: “The subject matter was so heavy that I just developed a coping mechanism of just having the most fun in between takes, so I wouldn't get traumatised. 

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“I’m sure I'll exhibit some symptoms of trauma down the road. At that age, I don't think I could comprehend a lot of the scene matter. 

“And the first few years, I had my mom with me because she was chaperoning me, so she would be very helpful and give me snacks.”

Go off mum, you snack-providing legend. 

Sansa Stark, the young noblewoman, was Turner’s first acting role in what would become a multi-season position on the HBO fantasy drama series. 

Sansa had quite the character arc throughout the series; going from a naive and spoiled girl to a hardened, wiser woman after suffering some emotionally traumatic experiences.

Turner’s character perhaps suffered some of the most harrowing circumstances out of any character in the series. 

Sansa married perpetual d**khead Joffrey, who tormented her throughout their marriage and even lovingly showed off her dead father’s head on a spike. 

It only got worse for Stark as well.


She was the subject of years of manipulation by Lord Petyr Baelish, who used her as a pawn in his quest for power, while also creepily lusting over the teenager.

He then sold her off to perhaps the most evil character in the entire series: sadist Ramsay Bolton. 

Bolton treated Stark more viciously than even Joffrey had, and that’s saying something.

All-in-all Sansa Stark didn’t have the best of times in Game Of Thrones and it’s not surprising for Turner to admit that it may have taken a toll on her in her real life.

However, in her interview with The Cut, she discussed how she was now finding her identity and breaking free from that role. 

The actor has gone on to play Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse and then reprised that role again for Dark Phoenix.

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