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People Are Pointing Out A Major Potential Plot Error In Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

People Are Pointing Out A Major Potential Plot Error In Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

It's being called one of the best scenes in the series, however many have also spotted something peculiar.

The finale of Stranger Things season four has everyone talking at the moment.

From the moments that were improvised, to Eddie's incredible electric guitar solo, the final two episodes in Volume 2 has been touted as some of the best in the entire series.

However, there is a small element in the show (which, to be honest, doesn't matter all that much) that has been spotted by some eagle-eyed fans.

Cast your mind to the moment when the kids from Hawkins are gearing up to take down Vecna with a cunning plan.

As Robin, Steve and Nancy head into the monster's house in the Upside Down, Dustin and Eddie fortify a trailer home for when they distract the horde of flying demons away.

This involves the Dungeons and Dragons duo covering up windows, setting up a big fence and blocking off any other entrances so that they will be safe once inside.

In order to do that, Dustin and Eddie use power tools to secure their newfound shields.

But that begs the question: how is there electricity in the Upside Down?

During an earlier scene when Nancy is surveying the Upside Down you can clearly see a power line tower ripped to the ground.

And you can't imagine a factory full of flying demons is keeping the energy flowing through the Upside Down Hawkins.

Later in the episode, Eddie hooks his electric guitar into some epic speakers and executes his plan perfectly by playing Metallica's 'Master of Puppets', which draws away the scary monsters.

But, again, where is this electricity coming from?

Loads of people on social media have been asking the same thing and it's something that's rather peculiar.

One person said: "Who would have thought that there was electricity in Upside Down."

Another added: "If Eddie could play his guitar with the amp does that mean they have electricity in the upside down, or did they run an extension cable through the portal."

However, a third clapped back at all these questions and stated: "If you're worried about electricity in the upside down then maybe Stranger Things isn’t the show for you. It is a fictional show and you’re talking about logic. Show is a masterpiece just enjoy it my god."

Yeah, guys and gals, just enjoy it. To be fair, the extension cable through the gate sounds like a good idea.

Thankfully, most people neglected to notice the tiny potential plot error and focused on the fact that the scene is undeniably epic.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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