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First Look At Jameela Jamil As Titania In The She-Hulk TV Series

First Look At Jameela Jamil As Titania In The She-Hulk TV Series

Titania will go up against She-Hulk in the Disney+ series that will premiere on August 17.

Fans have been given their first look at Disney Plus' new Marvel TV show, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

The series will focus on Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany), who is a lawyer dealing with superhero-related legal cases.

Walters also happens to be the cousin of the original Hulk, who is played in the series by Mark Ruffalo.

After receiving a blood transfusion from the green machine, she realises that she is also able to transform into a superhero.

The trailer shows the Disney+ TV series will be light-hearted as well as filled with action.

It's also given us the first look at Walters' rival in the series, Titania, who is played by Jameela Jamil.

People who have watched the trailer are absolutely brimming with excitement.

One person wrote: "This is going to be awesome. For anyone not familiar with Tatiana Maslany, check out her series Orphan Black before you watch She-Hulk."

Another added: "Okay, I was expecting something really boring and with 2010 super heroes origins vibe and I was not in the mood for it. But I gotta say, it looks different, weird, odd, in the best way. So now I will definitely watch it."

A third said: "Oh my gosh She-Hulk and it's pretty amazing and at least we get to see Abomination again since he's been in jail since he was defeated in Marvel Studios The Incredible Hulk."

Joining Maslany, Ruffalo and Jamil in the series will be Tim Roth, who plays Emil Blonsky/the Abomination, Benedict Wong as Wong, Ginger Gonzaga as Walters' best friend.

The series will start streaming on August 17.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+

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