Kevin Malone Actor Reveals Secret Unaired Office Scene That ‘Will Blow Your Mind’


Kevin Malone Actor Reveals Secret Unaired Office Scene That 'Will Blow Your Mind'NBC Universal/Alamy

Brian Baumgartner, the actor who portrayed Kevin Malone in The Office, has revealed an unaired storyline which will ‘blow your mind’.

The loveably clumsy accountant, famed for dropping chilli all over the floor, giggling at the mere mention of ’69’ and trying to save a turtle that had already died, got a happy ending in the ninth season of The Office.


After the documentary at the heart of the series aired, Dwight – now regional manager, of course – fired Kevin for cooking the books with ‘Keleven’ to correct his many, many mistakes. He ended up managing a bar – but there was originally more to his ownership than meets the eye.

Kevin Malone in The Office. (NBC)NBC

Baumgartner recently appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast, where he discussed a shot, but unaired storyline which made Kevin somewhat of a ‘secret genius’. The actor tells the hosts it will ‘blow your mind’.

‘The idea is that once the documentary airs, Kevin Malone becomes the fan favourite. Partly based on my own experience in the world, I can’t go into a bar and not be offered a drink. They want to have a drink with Kevin Malone,’ he explains.


‘So, the storyline is shot, but not aired, that Kevin Malone goes into bars, everybody wants to buy him a drink. There’s a particular bar in Scranton, Pennsylvania that he goes in all the time, and he has accumulated such a credit at that bar from people buying him drinks, that he uses that as leverage to own the bar. That is a true, written story that was shot.’

Due to the finale already being longer than a typical episode, it was sadly cut. When we do catch up with Kevin, it’s not really explained how he became the bar’s owner, but he does make peace with Dwight, who explains how his constant errors were to blame for his firing, and that he still considers him a friend.


The clip has racked up more than four million views on the podcast’s TikTok page, and thousands of comments. ‘Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick… the evidence was always there,’ one user wrote. ‘Release the director’s cut of the finale,’ another demanded.

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