Kevin Hart Defends His ‘Comedic Talent’ In Lengthy Twitter Rant

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Kevin Hart Defends His 'Comedic Talent' In Lengthy Twitter RantPA Images

Kevin Hart has fired back at critics in a Twitter rant defending his ‘comedic talent’ and success.

The actor-comedian is no stranger to controversy. For instance, he stepped away from hosting the 2019 Oscars after homophobic tweets from a decade ago resurfaced online. Hart offered an apology to the LGBTQ+ community, saying he was ‘evolving and want to continue to do so. My goal is to bring people together not tear us apart.’


In a recent interview, he commented on cancel culture and how he doesn’t really ‘give a sh*t about it’, prompting some fresh criticism and a lengthy response online.

Kevin Hart criticised cancel culture. (PA Images)PA Images

Speaking to The Sunday Times, he said: ‘If people want to pull up stuff, go back to the same tweets of old, go ahead. There is nothing I can do. You’re looking at a younger version of myself. A comedian trying to be funny and, at that attempt, failing. Apologies were made. I understand now how it comes off. I look back and cringe. So it’s growth. It’s about growth.’

‘I mean, I personally don’t give a sh*t about [cancel culture]. If somebody has done something truly damaging then, absolutely, a consequence should be attached. But… when you’re talking, ‘Someone said! They need to be taken [down]!’ Shut the f*ck up,’ he continued.


Hart said he’s been ‘cancelled’ three or four times and it’s never bothered him. ‘If you allow it to have an effect on you, it will. Personally? That’s not how I operate. I understand people are human. Everyone can change,’ he said.

In response to comments in the wake of the interview, Hart took aim at those arguing he’s not funny. ‘This is for you. I have three stand up comedy specials that fall in the top 10 highest grossing comedy specials of all time… two of my specials are in the top three of all time,’ he wrote in a series of tweets.


‘I have been the highest grossing comedian in entertainment for years now… I have also been the highest grossing comedian in the box office with over four billion in earnings… I have also turned my comedic talent into a place of business and branding and radio and other revenue streams… the hate/slander fuels me to do more,’ Hart continued.

‘You guys are what makes this business fun… because it’s not about getting to the top… it’s about doing your best to stay on top after you get there. I rarely talk shit… but I felt the need to today. Stop believing these headlines and read the actual articles…. you guys fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick every damn time,’ he added.

He finished his rant with a quote from J. Cole, who said: ‘If you’re laughing at a millionaire, the joke’s on you.’

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