Keira Knightley Confirms Who Her Character Ends Up With In Love Actually

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It’s possibly the most parodied scene of any festive film ever, and one which many find way too creepy to be romantic.

I’m talking of course about Love Actually, where lovelorn Mark (Andrew Lincoln) professes his love for his best friend Peter’s (Chiwetel Ejiofor) new wife Juliet (Keira Knightley).


Claiming that he has turned up at her home ‘without hope or agenda’, Mark proceeds to express his long-hidden feelings through a series of large cue cards and one startling image of what appears to be a mummified corpse.

Love Actually (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

With the ink barely dry on their wedding vows, Juliet shouts to Peter that it’s carol singers at their front door, not his best mate telling her she’s perfect, before dashing out into the snow to give Mark a kiss and a lingering, meaningful look.

‘Enough,’ Mark mutters to himself as he trudges back home through the cold. However, viewers have long wondered whether or not this really was the end for the pair, or whether Juliet ultimately ends up leaving Peter for Mark.


Now, Knightley herself has shed a bit of light on what exactly happened next, after the real reason for Mark’s coolness towards her came to light.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of her role in upcoming festive comedy horror Silent Night, Knightley expressed certainty that Juliet stays with her husband.’

Love Actually (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

‘No, I have not watched the film again. Yes, I know that I stay with my husband!’ Knightley said.


This isn’t the first time cast members have taken a retrospective look back on the famous scene, with Martine McCutcheon last year revealing that she didn’t find Mark’s grand gesture ‘creepy at all’.

Speaking with Digital Spy, McCutcheon said:

I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I think people do crazy things when they are in love with people. He had his moment where he thought ‘enough now, I’ve told her how I feel, I love my friend too but I had to get it off my chest in the right way’.

She’d already seen the video, and I think it was his way of making things explained and comfortable.


In 2017, the cast reunited for a short 15-minute movie for Red Nose Day, during which it was revealed that Juliet stayed with Peter, while Mark married Kate Moss, one of the supermodels he’d hoped to be with by the time the next year was out. Naturally, he still had his cue cards with him.

You can catch Silent Night in cinemas across the UK and US from December 3, 2021 onwards.

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