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Kate Winslet responds to cruel 'fat-shaming' comments on why Jack couldn't get on the door

Kate Winslet responds to cruel 'fat-shaming' comments on why Jack couldn't get on the door

The actor said if she could go back in time she'd call the comments out when they were being made

Kate Winslet has responded to cruel fat-shaming comments that were made about why Jack couldn’t fit on the door in Titanic.

Winslet played Rose DeWitt Bukater alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson in the 1997 movie.

And one iconic scene, which shows Rose floating on a door while Jack is left to perish in the freezing cold water, has sparked years of debate.

Many viewers think Rose could simply have shuffled over and let Jack on the door, too, meaning they both could have survived.

However, some idiots who watched the movie said that Rose was ‘too fat’ to allow Jack onto the door.

During a recent interview on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Winslet was asked about the door scene.

She replied: “Apparently, I was too fat. They were so mean. I wasn’t even f**king fat.”

The star went on to say that she regrets not speaking out about the ‘bullying’ at the time.

She added: “If I could turn back the clock, I would have used my voice in a completely different way.

Shockingly, some said Jack couldn't fit on the door because Kate Winslet's Rose was 'too fat'.
20th Century Fox

"I would have said to journalists, I would have responded, I would have said, ‘Don’t you dare treat me like this. I’m a young woman, my body is changing, I’m figuring it out, I’m deeply insecure, I’m terrified, don’t make this any harder than it already is.’

"That’s bullying, you know, and actually borderline abusive, I would say.”

Winslet was also asked for her opinions on the door debate, to which she explained: “Once and for all, he could have fit on that door but it would not have stayed afloat.”

Director James Cameron recently revealed he went one step further by conducting a scientific experiment to see if the door could hold two people.

“We have done a scientific study to put this whole thing to rest and drive a stake through its heart once and for all,” he told Postmedia.

James Cameron insists 'only one could survive'.
20th Century Fox

"We took two stunt people who were the same body mass of Kate and Leo and we put sensors all over them and inside them and we put them in ice water and we tested to see whether they could have survived through a variety of methods and the answer was, there was no way they both could have survived. Only one could survive"

And bumping off Jack was an easy decision for Cameron, who explained: “He needed to die. It’s like Romeo and Juliet. It’s a movie about love and sacrifice and mortality. The love is measured by the sacrifice."

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