Jon Brings The War To Cersei In Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Preview

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

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Well guys, the Battle of Winterfell might be over but that doesn’t mean the Game of Thrones characters are going to be resting up anytime soon.

I mean, if it were me and I’d just helped defeat the Night King with my best pals, my first priority would be sleep. Sleep, followed by food, followed by a massive party to celebrate. But that’s just me, and what the hell do I know?

Apparently nothing (although I’m still adamant that my idea is way better), because Jon Snow and crew are already preparing for yet another war. Like, come on guys, haven’t you had enough yet?

Take a look at the teaser below:


This time (and there are spoilers ahead, FYI), the characters are heading to King’s Landing, where Cersei has been waiting patiently for the past four episodes.

In the teaser for next week’s episode, we see Cersei looking smug as she gazes over her kingdom while Jon gathers the troops outside the city’s walls. As the troops gear up to battle, Euron Greyjoy scans the clouds for a dragon before we hear a distant rumbling.

Although it doesn’t give away, well, anything, the teaser makes it clear that the devastating scenes we witnessed in episode four (yes, I am still sobbing) are only set to continue.

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Regardless of whether it tells us what’s going to happen though, we already know episode five is expected to be one of the season’s most eventful episodes.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys, said fans should expect something even ‘bigger’ than the Battle of Winterfell. Which, erm, really?!

Clarke went on the say the rest of the season is ‘mental’ and advised fans to:

Find the biggest TV you can. I mean four and five and six, they’re all insane.

It’s not hard to believe; the latest episode, The Last of the Starks, set up next week perfectly for a final showdown.

With (spoiler alert) Dany losing both her beloved dragon Rhaegal and best friend Missandei (RIP) to the murderous hands of Cersei and Euron, it’s not looking likely she’ll just go quietly in episode five.

In fact, as per Harper’s Bazaar, many believe Dany will predictably turn into a villain reminiscent of her father, the Mad King Aerys.

Which could see her turn against our heroes, including Jon Snow and the Starks. Please no.

You can now watch the new season of Game of Thrones on HBO or Sky Atlantic.

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