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Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Admits He Was ‘Disgusted’ By Detail In Netflix’s Tiger King

Cameron Frew


Joe Exotic's Husband Dillon Passage Admits He Was 'Disgusted' By Detail In Netflix's Tiger KingNetflix

Amid the ongoing storm of obsession around Tiger King, Dillon Passage has revealed which detail in the Netflix docuseries left him ‘disgusted’. 

Passage, Joe Exotic’s current husband (after Travis Maldonado and John Finlay), appeared on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy to answer viewers’ tenacious questions about the making of the show and the mythos behind its eccentric figurehead.


The 22-year-old took on a number of queries, including saying he’d pick Travis over John. However, one revelation is particularly shocking, and it involves Joe’s delicious pizzas.

Tiger King Dillon Passage Joe Exotic 2Netflix

For the blissfully unaware, Tiger King is the streaming platform’s latest bingeable series, tracking the rise and fall of Joe Exotic and GW Exotic Animal Park, his 16-acre ranch in Oklahoma housing thousands of animals, with a particular lean on big cats.

During one episode, we see that Joe feeds the animals with a massive delivery from Walmart. However, it’s not premium stuff. The lorry was packed full of expired meat, and the staff – on a $150 per week wage – would get the first choice from the selection before it went to the tigers and lions.


However, later in the show, Joe decides to open up an in-house pizzeria, with a selection of carnivorous toppings – while never explicitly confirmed, the belief is that he used the same meat truck to stock his kitchen.

Unfortunately for Passage, he wasn’t aware of such grossness, telling host Andy Cohen:

I absolutely have no idea, I wasn’t involved in things that were happening at the bar or on the restaurant. I would go in there and make pizza for myself sometimes, so when I heard that I was kind of disgusted, but I don’t know if he was actually doing that.


Elsewhere in the interview, Passage confirmed the pair didn’t flee to Belize during the chaos of the final episodes. ‘He didn’t really want people to know exactly where he was, that was when we left the zoo and I didn’t understand what he was doing or why he was doing that at the time. But after the arrest, we had a conversation about it,’ he explained.

Tiger King Dillon Passage Joe Exotic 3Netflix

Speaking on the show’s depiction of Joe, his husband said while the filmmakers ‘didn’t show his really sweet and sensitive side… he’s definitely a wild person and very outspoken and not afraid to say what he thinks’.

Exotic Joe is currently in Grady County Jail, sentenced to 22 years for 17 animal abuse charges and two counts of murder-for-hire – including his involvement in the plot to kill Big Cat Rescue CEO and his archenemy, Carole Baskin.


Allegedly, Joe’s time behind bars has made him appreciate ‘exactly what it’s like [for his animals], he feels guilty about it and he regrets the decisions he’s made’.

If you’d like to listen to Andy’s full conversation with Passage, check it out below: 

Tiger King dropped on March 20 and quickly became a phenomenon. If you haven’t watched it, you won’t regret giving it a go. For fans of the show, strap in, because according to Jeff Lowe, a new episode is coming next week.


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Radio Andy/YouTube
  1. Radio Andy/YouTube

    Andy Cohen Talks Exclusively with “Tiger King” Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage

Cameron Frew
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