Joe And Love Doppelgängers Recreate Creepy Scenes From You And People Can’t Get Over It

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Warning: contains spoilers for You series one and two.

Joe And Love Doppelgangers Recreate Creepy Scenes From You And People Can't Get Over It@theresbeenarobbery/TikTok/Netflix

If you’re able to find the Joe to your Love, I have one piece of advice for you – run. 

Fans of the hit Netflix show You will know that Joe and Love are not couple goals, no matter how many obstacles they manage to overcome. In fact, the obstacles are usually the most concerning aspects of their relationship.

They might appear a happy family from the outside, but if you find yourself looking to mimic their lives, you’re doing something wrong. Unless, of course, it’s for the entertainment of millions of people on TikTok.

Joe and Love in You (Netflix)Netflix

Two people on the platform managed to find a niche form of entertainment following the release of You, when it became apparent that they just so happened to look very similar to Joe and Love. The pair have since been entertaining viewers by recreating scenes from the creepy show, much to the delight and disturbance of fans.

Check out some of the recreations below:


Complete with voice-overs narrating ‘Joe’s’ thoughts, TikTok videos show the couple mimicking Joe and Love’s tumultuous relationship following the untimely demise of his season one obsession, Beck.

A glass shower screen doubles as the glass box that has held so many of Joe’s victims over the years, while other scenes show the Penn Badgley lookalike prowling the streets for his prey.

TikTokers have praised the two doppelgängers for their efforts, with one person writing: ‘I LOVE UR CONTENT THIS IS SOO GOOD’.

Another comment addressed the Joe lookalike, writing: ‘You sound more like Joe than Joe does!’

Joe from You (Netflix)Netflix

The videos have even caught the attention of Netflix, which responded to a couple of the clips and joked: ‘I swear I’m not being a ‘Will Joe’ your video just keep [sic] coming up on my [for you page].’

With season three of You having recently been released on Netflix, fans can expect to see some more recreated scenes popping up in the coming days. The TikToks aren’t set to end any time soon, either, as Netflix has recently announced the beloved series will be making a comeback for its fourth season in the future.

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Emily Brown
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