Jim Carrey Admitted He’s Illuminati On Live Television But Nobody Listened, Conspiracy Says

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Jim Carrey Admitted He's Illuminati On Live Television But Nobody Listened, Conspiracy SaysPA Images/ABC

A TikTok conspiracy theorist has claimed Jim Carrey tried to warn people about the Illuminati during a talk show appearance, but not everyone is buying it.

Carrey has always been something of a loose cannon and has often gone off-script during TV appearances over the years, but after digging out some footage of one of his more bizarre outbursts, @tythecrazyguy is telling his followers that there’s something more sinister going on behind the scenes.

Jim Carrey accused of being illuminati (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Pointing to an appearance Carrey made back in 2014 on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the TikToker claims that the actor was actually trying to warn people about the secret Hollywood society.

During the show, Carrey made the Illuminati sign – making a triangle with his hands – and spoke about ‘talk show hosts, people on television, people in sitcoms’ who had been ‘hired by the government to throw you off the track’ so that viewers ‘don’t know what’s really going on.’

Ty goes on to claim the producers ended up putting a fake laugh track over the speech to make it seem like a joke.


Now, you might be asking why the producers wouldn’t have just cut the scene entirely if they really were in on some kind of Illuminati scheme, or why they later uploaded the entire clip to YouTube, or why the TikTok goes on to claim that Carrey effectively ‘disappeared’ from Hollywood following that appearance when a quick check of his IMDb shows that he’s starred in several different blockbusters in the meantime. And you wouldn’t be alone.

‘He was JOkINg’ one person commented, while another turned the tables on the TikToker, saying ‘he’s making fun of you conspiracy theorists. It’s like he’s a comedian or something.’

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  1. @tythecrazyguy/TikTok

    It’s honestly so sad because he vanished after this

Hannah Smith
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