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Incredibly awkward moment Jeff Bridges tells brilliant joke but no one realizes

Incredibly awkward moment Jeff Bridges tells brilliant joke but no one realizes

Jeff Bridges was chatting with Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin when he cracked the joke

Jeff Bridges once interrupted a round-table interview in order to crack a pretty great joke, but was foiled when absolutely no-one else at the event laughed.

You can see him attempting the wisecrack below:

Bridges is well known for his sense of humour, starring in a number of hit comedies.

None of them are more well-loved than The Big Lebowski, the Coen Brothers’ cult classic that seems Bridges play ‘The Dude’ or Jeffrey Lebowski.

Well, one of them, anyway.

It turns out that he loves a joke in real life as much as his LA stoner/slacker counterpart, and he proved as much at a recent event featuring Succession star Kieran Culkin and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal.

The Oscar winner – winning his golden statue for Crazy Heart – was chatting with the rest of the gang about the video game version of The Last of Us at the interview arranged by The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

Pedro Pascal, Jeff Bridges, and Kieran Culkin were at the roundtable.
The Hollywood Reporter

Pascal was talking about how he started out playing the video game before taking on the role of Joel in HBO’s smash hit drama, when Bridges quipped: “I got sucked into a video game…”

“Which one?” his interview companions responded.

“TRON!” Bridges then retorted.

If you’ve seen the modern remake of Tron, then you’ll know that Bridges played a character called Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer and video game designer who was dragged into the virtual world.

It’s quite funny when you have that context, at least.

But, nobody was particularly interested in showing it.

Still, there’s definitely some respect around that table as Pascal reserved special praise for Bridges, telling him about how his performance in Kingsman: The Golden Circle inspired him to ‘never forget to care this much’ when acting.

It must have been be nice to hear, given the company present.

Currently, Bridges’ series The Old Man is waiting for a second series because of the WGA writers’ strike, but it’ll be back once a resolution is reached, hopefully.

Jeff clearly thought it was funny.
The Hollywood Reporter

Co-starring Alia Shawkat and John Lithgow, it’s been a hit with the critics and boasts a 97 percent ‘fresh’ rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Bridges plays an ex-CIA operative who is given a harsh reminded of his past, and whilst he’s waiting to come back to the serious stuff, it’s nice to see that he’s still sharpening his funny bone in the enforced break.

As for Pascal, they presumably can’t make season two of The Last of Us quickly enough for fans, and Culkin’s Succession came to a remarkable conclusion earlier this week.

Perhaps it’s time they all starred together in a buddy cop film.

Unlikely, but would watch.

Featured Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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