How Chris Hemsworth’s Comment Led To John Krasinski Flopping His Captain America Audition

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A TikToker has spoken out about the way John Krasinski missed out on playing Captain America, which is for a pretty savage reason. 

Auditions are terrifying enough already, a single room, what feels like a million staring eyes, alongside the pressure of even just being able to remember your lines.

But A Quiet Place‘s Krasinski also had to contend with a comment made by Chris Hemsworth, as he adorned his Captain America skin-tight suit and tried to get into character.

A TikToker has claimed that it was the Australian actor’s comment which caused Krasinski’s Marvel audition to plummet, after the Thor actor made a remark about the 42-year-old’s appearance.

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TikToker RJ (@rjthefilmguy) uses his platform to talk about movies, and in a five-part series, has posted videos where he discusses actors who got dropped from ‘major’ roles.

According to RJ, Krasinski even ‘auditioned way before Chris Evans did’ for the infamous role of Captain America.

However, it was during his screentest where a comment made by Hemsworth caused the audition to go quickly downhill.


Hemsworth walked by Krasinski’s screen test and ‘sarcastically said, ‘You look good mate’.’

‘At that moment, John realised he wasn’t ripped enough for the role and went on to have a poor audition,’ RJ commented.

The post has since amassed over 40,000 likes and 100 comments, with other users flooding to the TikTok in shock over the apparent revelation. One said: ‘HE WAS GONNA BE CAPTAIN AMERICA SHEEEE.’

Another wrote:

I’m glad John Krasinski didn’t play Captain America cause now he’s gonna be the best Mr. Fantastic ever.

A third commented: ‘Krasinski would be a great comedic captain.’

John Krasinski Captain America Audition (Alamy) Alamy

Krasinski himself confirmed the unfortunate series of events when he made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Men’s Health reports.

He commented on how he had been putting the suit on and was ‘halfway up, not wearing any other clothes’ and ‘right at that moment, Chris Hemsworth walked by’.

Krasinski said:

He was like, you look good, mate. And I was like, nope. You know what? It’s fine. We don’t have to do this…

He was just, like, jacked. He’s like, you’re going to look great in the suit, and I was like, don’t make fun of me Hemsworth! And so I just walked away right there.

The star joked that he had actually ‘acted [his] heart out that day, but it didn’t work out’, rather than Hemsworth’s comment having caused him to not get the role.

While he may not have quite made the cut of Captain America, Krasinski is set to star in DC League of Super-Pets due for release in 2022.

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    John Krasinski Says Chris Hemsworth Tanked His Captain America Audition

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