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First trailer for new Hellraiser movie has dropped

First trailer for new Hellraiser movie has dropped

The new version of the film comes from David Bruckner

Hulu has released the first trailer for David Bruckner’s reboot of the 1987 horror movie Hellraiser.

The new version of the supernatural flick comes more than 30 years after the original, which followed a woman's murderous attempts to try and revitalise her brother's body and help him escape a demonic underworld.

Bruckner himself has described the original film as 'so visceral and so impactful', so while some people might dread the thought of a 'remake', the filmmaker has made clear that's not what's happening here.

If you're ready for more hell to be raised, check out the trailer below:

The name of the movie makes it easy to believe the upcoming Hellraiser film is a remake, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bruckner stressed: "This is not a remake."

After describing the original as 'a movie that really really scared' him by 'digging into things that are so troubling that [he] was almost afraid of the people that created it', Bruckner said he 'just didn’t think you could ever remake the original Hellraiser'.

"It’s too much its own thing and it would be, I think, perilous territory for filmmakers, because how do you top that?," he said.

Instead of a remake, then, the film comes as part of a trend of horror reboots that have drawn upon their predecessors by using the film's original title, such as Halloween and Scream, and simply forms a new addition to the existing franchise.

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