Green Goblin Makes Long-Awaited Return In New Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster


Green Goblin Makes Long Awaited Return In New Spider-Man No Way Home PosterMarvel Studios

‘Can Spider-Man come out to play?’ The official poster for No Way Home reveals a first look at the long-awaited return of Green Goblin. 

After the stonker of a cliffhanger in Far From Home, with Tom Holland’s wall-crawler ‘outed’ as a murderer, the first trailer shows him going to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help. In his efforts to essentially wipe the world’s memory of Peter Parker being Spider-Man, something goes very, very wrong.


‘The multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little,’ the Sorcerer Supreme warns. Spidey’s past foes are coming back to play – and now, we’ve got a glimpse of Willem Dafoe’s manically-laughing villain.


The first poster is pretty standard fare: Spider-Man is centred, facing off against Doc Ock’s (Alfred Molina) winding tentacles, surrounded by lightning (signalling Jamie Foxx’s Electro) and sand (meaning we’ll likely see the return of Thomas Haden Church’s incredible Sandman).

Over in the top right corner, you can also see Green Goblin hovering on his iconic glider, appearing to be rocking the classic outfit from Sam Raimi’s 2002 blockbuster. ‘This movie is gonna blow your minds. Trust me!’ Holland wrote on Instagram.


The post has been met with even more excitement from fans. ‘This film is going to be EPIC,’ one wrote. ‘I’m gonna sh*t myself,’ another tweeted. ‘Most hyped I’ve been for a Spider-Man film since the original trilogy. Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Dr. Otto Octavius is worth seeing the movie alone,’ a third wrote.

Of course, there’s one aspect of No Way Home that’s yet to be confirmed: whether we’ll actually see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men alongside Holland. Some people have suggested this could feature in the next trailer (it won’t) or further posters (it won’t), and the actors are remaining predictably tight-lipped.

‘It’s important for me to say on the record that this is not something I’m aware I am involved in. But I know I’m not going to be able to say anything that will convince anyone that I don’t know what’s happening. No matter what I say, I’m f*cked,’ Garfield told Variety.


Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into cinemas on December 17. 

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