Great British Bake Off Viewers Terrified By Bakers’ Cake Busts


Great British Bake Off Viewers Terrified By Bakers' Cake BustsChannel 4

Viewers tuning in to The Great British Bake Off last night might have thought it inconceivable to witness a sight more terrifying (or hilarious) than Matt Lucas impersonating Boris Johnson in an eerily accurate spoof.

That was, however, until the showstopper challenge creeped up and the contestants were asked to create a cake in the form of a 3D bust of their hero. So far, so delicious, right? Right.


The only problem was, none of the bakers seemed to really know what their heroes looked like. Either that or they just don’t like them very much, because honestly some of those cakes were just… whew. And it seems pretty much everybody else is in agreement with me.

Let’s start with Marc’s David Bowie showstopper, shall we? A showstopper that very nearly stopped the show, might I add, because viewers just couldn’t get over the hilarity of it all, and kept pausing and rewinding while watching at home.

What with the bright orange buttercream hair and Cake Bowie’s lopsided features that appeared to be melting down his (somehow) lumpy face, I think it’s fair to say viewers were more than a little bit terrified by this bust.


I mean, come on, even Marc admitted it looked more like Jabba the Hutt than Ziggy Stardust.

You can check out some of the hilarious reactions below:


Next, let’s try to unpick Hermine’s recreation of actor Lupita Nyong’o, which is perhaps the most haunting of all. In all honesty, I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here.

Admittedly, Cake Lupita’s dress does look absolutely incredible – how on Earth did she get those frills and stars so on point? – but sadly for Hermine that’s not what viewers were looking at.

Instead, we were drawn towards the terrifying depiction of the actor’s face, which I imagine elicited horrified gasps from everyone at home and screams of: ‘What did she do to Lupita?!’


No, really, someone did actually say that:


Equally terrifying was Dave’s ‘Three Flavours of Tom DeLonge’ cake, which consisted of a strawberry and mint flavoured filling with chocolate buttercream.

As delicious as it sounded (though strawberry and mint is a new one to me), ultimately the finished result was not one viewers could get on board with. Why? Because to put it simply, the bust looked absolutely nothing like the former Blink-182 singer-songwriter – though we’ve got to give Dave props for the side-on cap.

The cake looked more like something that might appear in your nightmares after a particularly long night reading about DeLonge’s alien conspiracy theories.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Peter’s version of Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy was clearly well thought-out and well intentioned, but the finished product led many viewers to hysterics.

Primarily because, even though the baker had paid extreme attention to detail with Hoy’s cycling apparel and goggles – there was even a helmet, for goodness’ sake – the only thing anyone could focus on was his depiction of the cyclist’s mouth.

Enter: a lot of sex doll jokes:

Now, onto Sura’s Ode to Attenborough, and while it’s no surprise that one of the contestants chose Sir David – he is, after all, a national treasure – what did surprise viewers was how much the cake just didn’t resemble the broadcaster.

Props to Sura, I think Cake David looked a hell of a lot more like his muse than most of the other contestant’s efforts – until he fell on his head, that is – but the viewers at home still made their thoughts on the matter pretty clear.

Check out some of the responses below:

Laura’s interpretation of Freddie Mercury was notably more recognisable, although unfortunately for the keen baker, Cake Freddie’s head exploded, giving him a slightly crushed and/or lopsided look.

Regardless of the cake’s overall deflated look, I think most people could agree on the fact that, had his head not exploded, this would probably have been the bust to beat all the other busts.

Still though, we got a good laugh out of it:

Another strong contender for the episode’s most recognisable cake bust was Lottie’s version of Louis Theroux, with the filmmaker’s glasses and beard instantly resonating with Prue, who announced: ‘He is recognisable.’

What many couldn’t understand, though, was why it looked like Louis had aged approximately 20 years in the cake-making process, or why the filmmaker was missing a neck, giving him a slightly creepy, gargoyle-esque look.

As such, Cake Louis wasn’t spared from the Twitter pile-on:

Other celebs given the cake-makeover treatment were Bob Marley, Marie Antoinette, Louise Bennett-Coverley, Charles Darwin and Bill Bryson, all of which received similar treatment online.

Check out some of the other reactions below:

I think we can all agree, last night’s GBBO was perhaps the best opening episode since the show began.

Maybe because it provided a bit of comfort in an otherwise pretty unprecedented time, or maybe just because every single cake bust had us crying with laughter, it certainly made an impression.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next week.

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