Godzilla Vs Kong Fans Convinced They’ve Spotted Mechagodzilla In New Trailer


Godzilla Vs Kong Fans Convinced They've Spotted Mechagodzilla In New TrailerToho/Warner Bros.

Godzilla vs. Kong dropped its first eye-watering trailer. However, fans think they’ve spotted Mechagodzilla terrorising the world. 

Adam Wingard’s Kaiju beat-em-up looks like everything we’ve missed about the movies: massive, silly, monster-on-monster action reserved for the biggest screen possible, backed by two cinema icons going toe-to-toe for the first time since 1962.


The trailer looks to promise bouts that’ll make movie-goers cheer in the cinema, whether it’s Godzilla’s atomic breath shooting up through the sea or Kong delivering a mighty right hook to the monster’s chops. But what if there’s a greater threat looming in the background?

Check out the trailer and see if you can spot it: 


From the outset, Kong ends up in the warpath of a rather miffed Godzilla, who’s lashing out and causing mayhem everywhere. But it’s mentioned, albeit briefly, that something is provoking Toho’s beloved beast. In quick imagery in the trailer, it appears there’s some sort of Mecha (a very large, scary, dangerous robot) on the horizon.


Right at the start of the trailer, a ground-level shot of hysterical crowds running away shows a monster towering above them among falling rubble – but it’s not Kong, and it’s certainly not Godzilla. In another shot, a background screen seems to show the outline of Mechagodzilla… or perhaps, Mecha Ghidorah.

King Ghidorah, a ginormous three-headed dragon, was slayed by Godzilla in 2019’s King of the Monsters. However, one of Ghidorah’s severed heads was seen at the very end of the film, suggesting the monster may return in some form later – most likely in a Mecha.

Mechagodzilla first appeared in 1974’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, previously conceived as an extraterrestrial villain designed by aliens to fight the monster.


Godzilla vs. Kong will be released on March 26 in cinemas and HBO Max in the US. Details of its UK release haven’t been fully confirmed at the time of writing. 

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