Game Of Thrones Last Ever Preview Teases Final Showdown No One Wanted

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

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While many people haven’t even seen episode five yet, and those who have are still catching their breath, the Game of Thrones creators have already shared the teaser for episode six – the last ever episode.

Heads up – spoilers are incoming!

Last night we saw Daenerys take her remaining dragon Drogon, and torch King’s Landing, burning it to rubble with many, many people still inside – some deserving, some not so much.

It kind of makes you wonder why Dany hasn’t done that before – we’ve all seen how effective dragons can be in a battle – did no one think of the old sneak-up-behind-them tactic until now?


And while Drogon reached his full potential in the desiccation of the Red Keep, Dany teetered over the edge and pretty much became the mad queen, which some people weren’t happy about.

Nonetheless, we were treated to yet another epic battle during The Bells, and one that we could actually see this time.

As we all recover from the death and destruction that just took place in King’s Landing, trying to figure out who’s alive, who died, and who we just think may have died, the Game of Thrones showrunners know how to keep us on tenterhooks, and have released a sneak preview for the next – and final ever – episode.

After taking Missandei’s final words literally, not much is left of King’s Landing. And among the small remains, burning rubble and collapsed buildings, stands just a few final characters.


Firstly, we see Dany – briefly – walking through the rubble. Then Tyrion emerges, alone, through the burning remains of King’s Landing.

We get a glimpse of Arya, who was convinced to run away by The Hound in the last episode, so something has obviously compelled her to return – perhaps a name still to tick off her list?

We see the Unsullied standing to attention, juxtaposed with the wildly cheering Dothraki, as Tyrion looks concerned and Dany looks out over the death and destruction she has brought down on Westeros.

Check it out here:


With the major battles seemingly out the way, it seems the final showdown will come down to Daenerys and, well, just about anyone else. Jon? Arya? Tyrion? Bran? Who will take her on, and who will eventually sit on the Iron Throne, if there even is one. So many lose ends to tie up!

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    Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

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